Friday, March 30, 2018

Cadbury Bunny Audition Time!

Everyone wants to be the Cadbury Bunny. (Remember that old ad?)

Disagree. Immensely.

But there can only be one American Ido - er uh, Cadbury Bunny. In this week's blog, guest judges (puppies, of course) will decide who will become the next Cadbury Bunny.

Here we have our first contestant, who is attempting to wow the judges with a modern take on the Cadbury Bunny look.
Don't you dare touch me with that thing.


Ith not my favorite.
Looks like no ticket to stardom this week.  
Next contestant! We're going with the classic bunny ears for this one.
This is honestly the most humiliated I've ever been.

Uhh...judges?'s gonna be a no for me, dawg.


Our next contestant also went with the classic look. Can she win the judges' votes?

This doesn't feel right.

Thoughts, judges?

I loves it! So close! Maybe if it was a bit more - WAIT IS THAT A CAT?!
While we attempt to wrangle our judge's attention back, let's move on to our final contestant.

And the results from our judges?
The best one! Loves it!

Well, looks like we have a winner of the most ridiculous contest of all time. Want to meet some of our (un)willing participants in person? Swing by today or tomorrow to take home your very own Cadbury Bunny impersonator.

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