Friday, June 1, 2018

The Serial Grass-Roller

Luna Loo has been with us looking for a home for a little more than a hot second, and we've started to notice something about her. 

Is it dat I'm really, really, really, ridiculously good looking?

No, it's not that she's dog-gone gorgeous (we would say no pun intended...but it was intended. It really, really was. You're welcome.). Although she is gorgeous. Obviously.

Who me? Aw, shucks.

 No, the thing we've noticed is much more...unique:

Luna Loo can't keep all four paws on the floor.

Now I....had...the time of my liiiiiiife...

It's as if the air was actually full of tiny magnets, somehow pulling her paws toward the sky.

Dat wasn't even remotely funny, and you know it. 

Sorry, Luna. We'll try again.

It's like she's somehow flying, but with her back still fully stuck to the ground.

Whoohoo! Take dat, Peter Pan! No fairy dust needed here.

She's in a constant "give me belly rubs" position. And the thing is, we do want to give her belly rubs. We really, really do.

Da belly. You must rubbeth it.

 It's like she's trying to take over the entire Bay Area by steadily rubbing her butt all over it.

Dis mine now.

Whatever she's trying to do, we're here for it. You go, girl. Way to create a signature move.

Tanks. What u fink about dis spot?
It's perfect, Luna Loo. Just like you. 
Luna Loo and her killer moves are ready to find a consistent spot to rub all over, forever. Luna's at our Milpitas ACC, where she's going on Doggy Day Out walks with volunteers almost everyday, and slowly rolling across one grassy knoll at a time.
 Dis spot's not dat grassy, but dey can't stop me!

This land manatee is sweet as can be, a total snugglebug, and dying to meet you. Return the favor. And don't forget about the belly rubs. 

Pease and tanks.

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