Friday, June 22, 2018

The Squishiest Flower of Them All

This is Tulip.


If we had to describe Tulip in one word, it would probably be "YAY!".

Hooman, are you confused? Even I know that's not a descriptive word.

Yes Tulip, we know. That's not an adjective. But it's the best description we could think of. Because you are just so gosh darn excited about everything. 

You are excited about walks. 

Did someone say the "W" word? I'm there.

You're excited about visiting new places.

What's this place called? It's neat. I love it here.

You're even excited about something as simple as sunshine. That's just who you are, and we love it.

Mmmm dis feels good.

You are ESPECIALLY excited about meeting new people. Because people mean pets, and sometimes they fawn over you and say nice things. People are pretty cool.

Hello hooman. May I look at you with this adoring face forever and ever? Thanks.

Sometimes they even bring treats. Judging by your size, we know you're a fan of treats. No offense intended. Treats are awesome.

No offense taken. Treats are da best.

One thing you're not excited about? Shelter life. We know, Tulip. The people just keep walking by, and sometimes they don't even come to say hi or bring the yummy treats. It's pretty rude, and a little lonely at times. And even though we tried to make it as fun for you as possible and visit you as often as we could, you still weren't having it.

You're right, I wasn't. Can you go back to saying nice things about me now? You're bumming me out. Get it? Bum?

Good one, Tulip. We love your sense of humor. And we love that we have awesome people who were willing to foster you for a while so you didn't have to be so "bummed" about hanging in the shelter. Get it? We borrowed your joke.

That was pretty funny. But I am still the funniest.

According to your foster mom, you are an awesome houseguest. You're quiet and love to take naps. And once your humans are ready to party (did someone say "walk"?) you're so hyped, you're practically already out the door.

I'm ready for anything. Bring it on.

In short, Tulip, you are the loveliest, smooshiest, marshmallowiest dog we've met in a while. Your squishy cheeks and toothy grin are worth writing home about. 

Can we get back to this walk thing now? I've been ready for over ten minutes.

Sure thing, Tulip. Your awesome peeps are coming for you soon. We just know it.

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