Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Tail: Dottie

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

Ever so often while picking up animals for our Satellite Adoption Centers, I come across something so cute I can’t help myself and make one of those high pitched squeals of delight. The kind of noise only heard from excited little girls, not seasoned managers. At just under 2 lbs and only 2 months old, Dottie, a double dwarf rabbit we had rescued from another shelter was squeal worthy. In short, she was adorable. Even though I had only stopped in to pick up cats that day, I decided that Dottie was coming back to our Saratoga Adoption Center with me.

In just shy of a week, Dottie met Vy, who had been considering rabbits after having a hamster. As hamsters and rabbits do not have a lot in common, our adoption counselors showed the first-time rabbit parent everything from basic rabbit care and handling to the importance of keeping Dottie in the home where she could be part of the family.

It turned out Dottie’s looks and sweet disposition made her the perfect model bunny for her new Mom, who sent us photos from Dottie’s “Welcome Home” photo shoot. The new family tells us that Dottie continues to be playful and from the looks of these photos, quite the inspiration.

Looking for more animals inspired art? Celebrate the magic of the human-animal bond at our Second Annual “Animal Arts” Craft Faire this Saturday and Sunday.

All photos courtesy of and credit to Vy Hoang

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