Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Tail: Ruby

Happy Tails: Ruby
By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

Much like it takes a village to raise a child, it took a small army to keep up Ruby’s cuddle quota for the day. Naturally inclined towards people, you could hear the 3-year- old female pit bull howling for attention from every corner of our Animal Community Center. It’s no surprise she soon started to spend her days not in her adoption suite, but rather in the offices closest to her crys.
Ruby had been surrendered to HSSV because her previous family no longer felt as though they could handle the large dog. We quickly learned all about Ruby’s attention seeking quirks. No door was a match for this clever pitty before we learned how to stay just ahead of her learning curve. Providing her plenty of kongs, activity driven toys, and lots of long walks helped to calm her need to break loose in search of some affection.

A month after arrival an adopter came in looking for dog to be his constant companion. Jay, a retiree, had a lot of time to dedicate to a new dog. Our staff immediately thought of our resident love-bug and introduced Ruby to Jay. After taking a day to consider his options at the other rescues, Jay returned to finalize Ruby’s adoption! He tells us that true to pit bull form, she is a “cuddle bug and a wonderful companion”. Ruby was able to trade in her crew of HSSV employees for one special adopter.

Are you looking for a special dog to fill your life? Santa Clara County Shelters are full and our dogs need your help more than ever. Come on in to our Animal Community Center or participating shelter and find your new best friend today.

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