Friday, December 17, 2010

HSSV Provides Extraordinary Care for Eight Newborn Pups

By Marie Matheson, HSSV Volunteer

Most animal rescue organizations don't have the resources to provide around-the-clock care to unweaned puppies, but at HSSV, the staff and volunteers recently rallied (and are still rallying!) in time of need to save the lives of a litter of puppies abandoned on the doorstep of a local city shelter.

When Jeri Seiden, HSSV’s Manager of Special Needs, heard about the eight puppies, she offered to bring them to HSSV to save their lives. Staff and two seasoned volunteers quickly stepped forward to be "moms" to the puppies until they are old enough to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered by the vet team.

Stephanie Ladeira, HSSV’s VP of Development, is one of these “moms.” When I spoke with Stephanie I was surprised to learn of the extraordinary lengths HSSV is going through to care for these precious puppies. Thorough cleaning of their new temporary homes with special disinfectant to prevent germs and possible illness, around-the-clock bottle feedings, human stimulation in place of the mother to teach the animal when to potty, and careful monitoring of the temperatures to which they are exposed, are a few examples. “These puppies are very sensitive and without their mother they can die if they are too hot, die if they are too cold,” says Stephanie, so these steps are critical to their survival.

Pictured in the photos is Stephanie’s pup Munchie, so named because he has such a healthy appetite. He is now “4-weeks old, has doubled in size and is quite playful,” says Stephanie, “and all the pups are doing well.” At 8-weeks they will each be spayed/ neutered by the vets at HSSV and will be available for adoption at the Animal Community Center .

I’m grateful HSSV’s dedicated staff and volunteers are there for these puppies when no one else is; they are giving them the life they deserve.

Stay tuned for future updates on Munchie and his siblings!

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