Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Tails: Monkey

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adopiton Manager

At HSSV we all know cats are individuals, some will curl up on any vacant lap while others could play for hours. Our adoption counselor David had to smile when he looked through Lisa and Jeff’s adoption survey and saw “from quiet to gregarious” any personality of cat is “fine with us”. A whole range of possibilities for potential matches came to mind and he knew they would be leaving that day with one of our adoptable cats.

The couple already had a HSSV alumnus at home. Razzleberry, a 13-year-old ginger tabby had recently lost his cat companion of eight years, Indy. Indy had helped Razzleberry adjust to his new home and turned the scared little orange cat into a confident kitty. Lisa and Jeff wanted to bring another cat into their home for Razzleberry to continue Indy’s legacy of feline friendship.

David remembered a group of shy cats who had recently been surrendered to HSSV that needed some extra TLC. One of them would be a perfect match for a gentle cat like Razzleberry to coax out of their shell. Monkey, a one year old black cat, who had been described as affectionate and playful by his last home had become a little withdrawn. All the unfamiliar sights and sounds made him shy with new people. Lisa and Jeff slowly met Monkey, talking softly to him and letting him sniff their hands. Just this little bit of kindness allowed him to let down his guard enough to warm his way into their hearts. They took him home that day.

It’s been about a month since their adoption and the couple tell us they it’s “hard to imagine life without him”. While Razzleberry has been underwhelmed by their new addition, every once and awhile they catch the two boys rubbing up against each other. They know they will be friends very soon.

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