Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Tails: Ryan

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

Look at those big brown eyes and floppy pink tongue! Ryan, the 1-year-old Basset hound mix, was the very definition of cute and wrinkly! This all changed for us when we’d clip on a leash. The normally rolypoly hotdog would turn into a badger wanting to pull this way and that. Add another dog to the mix and your problems would only escalate as Ryan would bark and pull without you knowing if he wanted to make friends with the other dog or if his intentions were less than amiable.

Luckily, Ryan had come to the right place to find a new home! At HSSV, we see lots of dogs with manageable behavioral challenges. Our Behavior Team set to work making up a plan of action to keep the 33 lb hound happy and work with our Adoptions Staff to find him the right home. A specialized group of trained volunteers stepped in to take Ryan on walks in places he wouldn’t see other dogs and get him accustomed to walking on a leash and focus on his human handler rather than any distractions.

While Ryan had many suitors during his time at HSSV, the right family didn’t come along until Ryan met Richard, Tanya, and their young son. After an initial meeting where Ryan did well with their six-year-old son, they returned the next day to sit down with one of our behaviorists and form a plan to continue Ryan’s training post-adoption. Tanya had already purchased all of our recommended reading for Ryan and finished the first book, “Feisty Fido” overnight.

A month later the family updated us on Ryan’s progress. The couple work from home and all the attention Ryan has been getting has really paid off. He’s walking great on leash and is less interested in other dogs now that he has a family to focus on. Ryan loves their son, following him all around the house. Because of their care and devotion through training Ryan’s behavioral problems are now a thing of the past as he enjoys his new life as one of the family.

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  1. That's great news! How exciting for Ryan and his family!