Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CIA Program Gives Students an Opportunity to Shine

By Natasha Dolginsky, HSSV Volunteer

This week I had a chance to learn more about Compassion in Action (CIA) Program at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.  CIA was created to provide a place where teens can learn about animal-welfare topics, socialize special animal guests and develop their very own outreach project to inspire their community to make a difference for them.  And from my conversation with Jaime Allen, HSSV’s director of education programs, it’s been a hit! 

What I was really impressed with is that the CIA program not only provides a unique opportunity for students to share animal issues happening in their communities but also teaches them what they can do to make positive changes.

It is undeniable that a very special connection exists between kids and animals.  I had a chance to chat briefly with a few of the most recent participants like Ivan, age 14, who said “I just love animals and I can connect with them easy!”   Kenny, age 15, shared his reasons for participating in the CIA program: “I want to learn more on how to help animals if I see an animal on the street, so I can help it.  I also really want this learning opportunity because it could be my job.”

The session was celebrated with a big event on April 19th when the CIA kids brought their second grade buddies from Stipe School to HSSV and taught them about responsible pet care, how to read animal body language, and the importance of community service.

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