Friday, May 20, 2011

Volunteering at HSSV Makes Us Feel…

By Alexandra League, HSSV Volunteer

I’m always amazed at just how many volunteers support HSSV. With so many volunteer opportunities, from adoption hosts to foster care and from community events to dog volunteers, I guess it’s no wonder that I’m always meeting new faces and know it’s rarely the last time I’ll see them. Not only does HSSV need its volunteers to enable it’s broad offering of services for animals and education for people, but as I’ve found, us volunteers benefit from the time we spend at HSSV too!

There are a lot of statistics on volunteering that I’ve found – from demographic data to how it can improve your health. I decided to ask HSSV volunteers, with the help of Kris Gunderson, Manager of Volunteer Programs at HSSV, very simply: How does volunteering at HSSV make you feel? I compiled the list of (mostly) one-word answers from 224 respondents to create a word cloud, which is a visual depiction of all the answers received. The image above shows the HSSV volunteers' responses and the larger the word, the more frequently that answer was given.

I may not have uncovered the secret to life… or maybe I have? If they say happiness is the secret to life, then just maybe volunteering at HSSV is your ticket! Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the survey and for all you do for HSSV!

How does volunteering at HSSV make you feel?

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