Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Follow-up | Celebrating the Supporters of HSSV at The Fur Ball 2011

By Alexandra League, HSSV Volunteer

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog sharing my excitement for the then upcoming Fur Ball 2011, a Venetian-styled black-tie soiree hosted by HSSV. As a volunteer preparing for the event, I was in awe of the production organized each year to celebrate supporters of HSSV and looked forward to my participation. Walking into the recently raised sweeping white canopies of the event’s tenting I admired the sea of vibrant table settings and colorful d├ęcor. The scale of it all was breathtaking and I knew this event would be unlike anything else I’d ever attended. From the centerpieces of masked dogs and cats, to the collection of animal-inspired silent auction items and the freshly laid grass in the Canine Comfort Area enclosed by a white picket fence next to the human-bathrooms – at the core of it all was the playful and heartwarming reminder that all of this was for the animals.

Now, the proverbial dust has settled and the tuxedos are at the dry cleaners given the likely dog slobber that decorates the shin region of almost every pair. In all, more than $500,000 was raised at the event to support HSSV’s mission to save and enhance lives. The endless encounters of the humans and their animals adorned in festive garb are implanted in the minds of the more than 500 individuals who attended the event as well as the 120 plus volunteers who made it all happen. Whether a guest, sponsor, volunteer or vendor, we all felt IT - the magic of the evening. And I, for one, cannot wait until The Fur Ball 2012!!

Were you there? What was your favorite part of the evening? Visit HSSV's Facebook page to see more photos from The Fur Ball.


  1. Love the masks and smiles!

  2. Seriously, there were some amazing and intricate masks. Everyone was so pleasant and it was simply, fun! I just loved seeing the animals too - all of whom were so relaxed and well behaved. Kris, thanks for organizing all the volunteers - they made the evening so smooth!