Saturday, May 19, 2012

Caturday: A Precious Pearl

How long does it take to cultivate perfection? Ask a clam, and they'll tell you that the pearl is a masterpiece, honed with years of concentration and effort. Such is the case for our very own Perla, who despite a road that has been filled with bumps, is thriving with love and affection that are well deserved for our twelve year young sweetheart.

Perla is a mature, mellow housecat who enjoys gentle rubs and lots of attention! She is quite content to curl up on a window sill and watch the world pass by while she naps the day away. Her hope is to go to a home where she has excellent views of greenery so that she can be entertained by the beautiful birds that fly outside the window. She also wouldn't mind having a feline companion to keep company during the day, but is fine without one as well!

If you'd like to meet with Perla, come on in today and ask an adoptions counselor to say hello!

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