Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainbow Sherbet Dog Delight!

Here at HSSV, we have a dog for just about everyone. Whether it be a small, mellow dog you seek as  a cuddling companion or a lithe little spitfire with the energy for agility, we promise you we've got one of every flavor for your delight! 

Our favorite "flavors" of the week are Casey, Haku, and Laiyah, and we are hoping that each one will find his home and flourish with family and friends to support him.

Going camping, hiking, or to the beach? Then Casey is the dog for you! He's down for a late night campfire, roasting weenies over the pit, and hunting for sand dollars at the beach!  Casey is the epitome of the "happy go lucky"  canine, seeing every day as  a "glass half full" kind of day. We imagine he'll keep that outlook on life even if he ends up on the camping trip from your worst nightmares! (Think The Great Outdoors and the crazy bear!) You may be questioning "WHY ME?" at the end of the trip, but one look at Casey's goofy face and all doubts that the camping trip was worth it will be washed away like writing in the sand.