Saturday, May 12, 2012


Life was pretty fabulous for Pebbles prior to coming here to HSSV: One mom, one home, and a partner in crime to play chase with. Life, unpredictable as can be, threw Pebbles for a loop though when her mom could no longer care for her or her brother. Needless to say, we welcomed Pebbles with open arms, and expected her to be adopted quickly. She is a stunner, with knowing eyes, a mane of midnight, and a motor that would rival a Boss 454 on the best of days!

Well, Pebbles decided to throw us for a loop when she decided to go on a hunger strike, protesting having to stay here at HSSV. While it is normal for some animals to have a difficult time transitioning into a shelter, Pebbles' adamant stance against eating  was  rather drastic. She began to lose weight at a rapid pace, and we were forced to remove her from Adoptions while we monitored her health. After hanging out in the back with her dedicated team of staff and volunteers for quite some time, she decided that life here at HSSV wasn't quite so bad after all. Shortly thereafter, she began to gain weight and eat all of the goodies we gave her, much to our delight.

Because she has been doing so well, we've decided to keep her in our back area until she is adopted. We are hoping she goes home with a cat savvy family who will be dedicated to sticking by her side during her transition home. Once she is acclimated, she will be a very affectionate girl, and will be the perfect addition to your family! If you'd like to meet with her, come in and ask to see her today!

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