Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dog Blotter: Crimes and Demeanors On The HSSV Adoption Floor

At Humane Society of Silicon Valley we have many breeds and ages of dogs available. They all share several common denominators: They are all great dogs. They all need homes. And they all occasionally get into mischief. These are their stories.

Monday, August 5th, 1108 hours: Staff responds to a call of an assault on a squeaky toy in our dog park. Respondents find Dante, a two year old chihuahua mix, in an altercation with a lavender stuffed Wubba. It is unclear who started the altercation though it's noted that a volunteer flung the Wubba in the direction of Dante. No action taken as Dante did not seem to be in any danger and the consensus between staff and volunteers was that the Wubba had it coming.

 Wednesday, August 7th, 1643 hours: Report of a dog down in the Adoption Suites. Respondents find Sparky, a 2 year old Labrador Mixed breed, receiving a belly rub from a volunteer. Due to the lolling condition of his head and wagging of tail it was ascertained that he was enjoying this. As Sparky can be shy with new people and appeared to be very comfortable and happy, it was agreed that said belly rub would continue and respondents assisted in rubbing belly for awhile.

Thursday, August 8th, 1300 hours: Caller notes strange debris left in dog park, appearing to be a mop of some sort. Upon investigation, it was found to be Tee, an 18 month old mixed breed having a bad hair day. Suspect mixed breed was in the company of a volunteer who confirmed that Tee was not a cleaning implement but instead a dog of dubious heritage with an endearing personality but an unfortunate coiffure. Arrangements were made for her to visit the grooming department in the near future.

Friday, August 9th, 1023 hours: Two unruly, menacing tennis balls reported to be at large in small dog park. Upon arrival it was found that Bandit, an eleven month old chiweenie, had performed a citizens arrest and apprehended both tennis balls. It was decided to leave both balls to their fate and allow Bandit to provide appropriate punishment, primarily in the form of being chewed on, flung, dropped in the water bowl and possibly rolled in mud as well.

Saturday, August 10th, 1722 hours: Open container in a public area. Complainant reported drinking in a heavily populated area. Upon arrival Pogo, a fifteen month old chihuahua mix, was found to be enjoying a cold beverage in a play pod. Volunteer had provided the beverage to Pogo. After sampling, it was determined the bowl contained water and not vodka gimlets and therefore was legal. No attempts were made to perform a breathalyzer on Pogo as he is a dog.

Sunday, August 11th, 1004 hours: Reported cookie larceny. Suspect Priscilla, a 1 year old terrier mix, was observed sneaking cookies that had fallen out of a staff members pocket. Though suspect appeared to be familiar with frisking procedure, we declined as she appeared to have already swallowed the evidence, does not have pockets and can be uncomfortable with invasive handling. Suspect was given more cookies for being very brave with strangers.

Dante, Sparky, Tee, Bandit, Pogo and Priscilla are all available for adoption at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. All were found to be wonderful, law abiding canines who would make a great addition to your family. Come visit them today.


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  3. So adorable and so creative! Thank you! We adopted our wonderful little girl from HSSV 5 years ago and she is amazing. Our hearts go out to all dogs in need of loving homes. Keep up the good work HSSV!