Tuesday, August 6, 2013

He Should Have Been Prince Hugo.

Wanna play tuggies?
When you look like Hugo it's easy to be misunderstood. While the best words to describe him are 'goofball' and 'marshmallow' he can be timid in new situations. Timid in a chihuahua is one thing. Timid when you weigh 90 pounds and have a head the size of a Volkswagen Beetle is another. Even Hugo's shaking, cowering timid can look scary if you're not used to extra large dogs. Once he's comfortable, he's a very sweet, very bouncy boy. Before he's comfortable he's a quivering pile of terrified. A very large quivering pile of terrified.

Hugo's met a lot of people but he still hasn't found the right fit for a home yet. He loves to play fetch, he's fine with handling and will do anything for a cookie. In thinking about who would be a great home for such an awesome, loveable dog who deserves the best, one thing comes to mind:

There might be a little drool on the carpet. No worries.

The Royals.

Why would Hugo be an awesome dog for William, Kate and little Georgie?

They're a young couple with a lot of energy. Hugo would be an awesome running partner for William. He'd love to go for walks with Kate when she's pushing the pram. While he's generally recommended for older kids due to his size and energy level, we offer training referrals to help the family integrate a large dog into the home.

He looks smashing, doesn't he?

They like to travel. Hugo loves to go places and do things. True, he can be a little shy at first but with gentle introductions he does wonderfully. All he needs is his tennis ball and his people to feel at home. And if they have to leave him alone he does just fine - no anxiety there.

They own their own home and have landlord rights over most of their country. This is a huge bonus for an extra-large pittie. Renting with bully breeds (or any large dog) can be difficult. A lot of landlords have restrictions on size and breed. Not only does the Royal Family not have to worry about that, they can also get around potential breed restrictive laws by banning them as Williams' grandmother also happens to be the Queen of England.

My word, he's a heavy chap.

In a perfect world, they'd be rushing over to bring him home. Unfortunately that doesn't seem very likely. They've been a little busy lately, what with the baby and all, and importing dogs from the US can take a while. Hugo is ready for his forever home now. He's been doing very well learning his basic commands and is always ready to make new friends over a game of fetch.

If you're looking for an athletic marshmallow of a dog and like your pooches big and regal, come down and meet Hugo today. Bring your throwing arm and some treats and prepare to abdicate your heart.

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