Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Humane Society Silicon Valley Has All The Popular New Dog Breeds!

Labradoodles, cockapoos, maltiyorkipoos, teacup whatsits - everyone wants a designer dog these days. Urban legend (and craigslist) tell you that these little gems will cost you thousands. Not true! We have all the most popular breeds and up to the minute designer mixes. In fact some of our breeds are so new that they haven't even hit the mainstream yet - perfect for the trendsetting wannabe pet owner. Check out some of our couture adoptables.

Duffel Bag Chihuahua With Levitating Option

That whole teacup thing was so 2003. Nobody carries tiny little purses any more so the fashion money is on the dog that's big enough to fit in a duffel bag. Or a hobo bag. Or even to walk on their very own four paws. June Bug, our model, epitomizes the best of the breed. Small enough to pick up but large enough to hike and be active with. Her neutral coat color goes with anything you happen to be wearing - patterns, florals, solids - she's a match! Plus she does this awesome trick where she gets all four paws off the ground. Certain to be the talk of any gathering. 

Short Coated Miniature Husky
 Forget the Klee-Kai, our little Lizzy has this tiny husky thing in the bag. All the coloring of a real husky but with half the fur and one-fourth of the size! Sure, she's not a wise choice if you have a sled that needs to be pulled or anything like that but she does like salmon. True, she'd get lost in a snow drift of any size but this is the Bay Area - we don't have snow drifts. No one needs to know. If you're looking a breed that simultaneously says 'rugged and outdoorsy' as well as 'urban and shedding sensitive', come meet Lizzy. 

The BostonWaWa.

They're small. They're boxy. They have tails of dubious lengths and odd shapes. They're very active and their tongues hang out of their mouths at strange angles. They're BostonWaWas. Everything you love about a Boston Terrier but with half the bulk and propensity for chubbiness. Cuddly like a chihuahua, bouncy like a Boston. Frank and Bella are only available as a matched pair (like shoes!) so you can corner the market on their adorable-ness. Every one is going to be wanting these guys this season but only one person can have them. You might want to hurry down. 

 The Boxy Headed Flat Coated Labradoodle.

 What's the hottest designer mix right now? The Labradoodle! And we can do the labradoodle one better with the boxy headed, flat coated labradoodle. He fetches! He likes water! He's active and funny and friendly! Basically everything you get in a labradoodle minus some hair extensions and a perm. We have several of these guys and unlike traditional labradoodles, they come in all colors.*

 The Sweet White Fluffy Whatsit.

Who can resist a little white fluff ball? Call him a Malti-shih or Poo-terrier, just call Filbert yours. His long, soft locks will require regular trips to the groomer but also give you the joy of experimenting with different cuts for him. Looking for something bigger or smaller? We have several Sweet White Fluffy Whatsits available in sizes ranging from teacup to standard. Love the look but want something a little edgier? We also have Sweet Gray Fluffy Whatsits available. 

Don't be fooled into spending thousands on the latest designer breed. We've got you covered on this. 

 For more information on June Bug, Lizzy, Bella and Frank, Pluto, Filbert or Corrine check out our website at 

* Absolutely no guarantees are made or implied regarding the presence of labs or poodles or anything in their ancestries. They are, however, made of awesome. 

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