Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Three Reasons Guinness Is The Most Interesting Dog On The Planet.

Guiness: One 'n', two 's'es. Remember the name. While this three year old Pekingese is well known to us here at Humane Society Silicon Valley (he's been in our foster care program for almost six months) the world is starting to take notice. Why? Because, truth be told, he's way more awesome than we are.

1)  He can sing. In the great tradition of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Guiness is a country crooner of the highest order.Don't believe us? Check him out in action in his video debut. We're predicting a viral hit, national morning shows, maybe Jimmy Kimmel, then a national tour. Or possibly a stint as a judge on American Idol or The Voice. Maybe a few years after that a VH1 special, a winning waltz on Dancing With The Stars and then a standing show on the Strip in Vegas. But like most rock stars....

2) He hangs with supermodels. Honestly who can resist the little guy? His baseball shaped head. His soulful singing. Mostly, though, what draws people to Guiness is his undeniable, unshakable confidence. He's never met a stage he was afraid to hog, a catwalk he was afraid to walk and or a person he was afraid to be picked up by. He exudes confidence. In buckets.

We don't know what made Guiness the way he is. We're sure that when VH1 gets around to doing a special on him they'll figure it out. Maybe there was a dalliance with a darker life, a troubled childhood, some lean years eating cheap kibble and playing with rolled up socks. Whatever it was, he's not telling. All we know of Guiness is that he materialized in all his fabulousness on St. Patricks Day and walked into the shelter like he owned it. There's a little more to the story than that - he didn't actually walk because....

3) The dog was born with a need for speed. Or an old spinal issue. It's impossible to know. For other dogs this would be a setback but the Guin-dogger just uses it as an excuse to feed his insatiable thirst for the wind in his fur. Don't believe us? Check out his racing video. Danica Patrick better watch her back.

The good news for Danica and all NASCAR superstars is that his back has definitely improved. He rarely uses his wheelchair any more though he does have kind of a funny gait. Either way, it's never slowed him down. He doesn't particularly see it as a problem and he's not sure why you would.

We often get asked if Guiness gets along with other dogs. Of course he does. The most interesting dog in the world embraces everyone.

The greatest thing about Guiness is he's willing to share his country singing, super-modelling, speed racing awesomeness with you. Per his amazing foster mom, Gen, he recently discovered that he can't buy a plane ticket to LA with kibble so he's giving up on the Hollywood life and looking for a permanent home. If you think you might be cool enough to cohabitate with him then call his manager, Casaundra Cruz, at 1.408.262.2133 ext 183. Or you can fill out the foster dog adoption survey.

No, he won't bring his supermodel friends but when you have a dog this awesome, who cares?


  1. Great format to follow Finn! Maybe the most interesting man in the world...and the most interesting dog on the planet....will meet up and he'll adopt Guinness. Of course he will have to renamed! Outstanding job once again Finn! Jill

  2. Great way to tell the story of this positive guy. There just isn't such a thing as a bad day when you have a Guiness in the house!

  3. I agree with Gen Heywood, a "great way to tell a story". He's also correct about no having a bad day with a Guiness in the house, but should add, it's even greater if one also has the "other" Guinness in the frig. Really enjoyed the "Most interesting dog in the planet" story.