Friday, February 6, 2015

Global Purring Is Real!

 Global Purring...

Have you seen the signs? Have you felt the purrs?

They're out there...purring. Warming our hearts with their melodic kitty chirps and cheek rubs of love.

It's dangerous, they're making us go "Ouu" and "Aww" too much and oh my goodness we're all just gonna burst!

This global purring is warming the world! But what can we do to make change?

I fear if we don't do something to contain the purrs we will all soon perish into a pool of mushy gooey gooey kissy faces.  

How can you prevent this cat-astrophe in your community? Well I'll tell you. 

Go try and put out the flames of purrs by adopting a cat. If each one of us adopts one cat and keeps it's purr power sheltered in individual homes we might just survive.

Rise up brothers and sisters of Terra. 
We must fight the claw and win!

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