Thursday, January 29, 2015


The New Year's Resolution 

Yup, it's 2015. We're approaching the end of the first month of the new year 
and our cats have something to say...

We don't give a flying Friskies if you keep your New Year's resolutions.

And why don't we care?
Let's break it down:
1. We love ourselves. Self love baby. We'll teach you how to love your curves.

2. We already can do insane yoga  moves. We say "No-maste" to your fancy pantsy yoga guru masta!

3. New haircut, why change an already fabulous do? Just be you! We do admit to look your best you should dedicate at least a couple...hours or more to grooming.

4.  You've told yourself "This is the year I find my Frodo, my other half, the pb to my jelly". Darling, look no further than the mirror. We cats know being independent draws folks like moths to a flame. I mean all I do is sit here and everybody wants me. I.AM.A.FIREWORK.

5. Eating healthy, going on a diet? What is life without a little flavor? We know you aren't gonna be nom-noming on that kale in 2 months why pretend? Let's take a moment to savor what we love and find perfect balance.

So take a moment, breath in the same old new you and realize,
the only thing you really need to do, that's new, is adopt me.
I'll be chilling here, don't care if you come by...or whatever. Meow.

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