Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Daily Sweet Potato: Because Everyone Deserves A Little Happy.

You have to trust us that nothing bad is going to happen. We're not going to make you sad or gross you out or anything. No Sarah McLaughlin 'Let Us Ruin Your Day' ads, okay? Now that we have that out of the way, without prejudice meet the darling of HSSV:

 This is Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato is a six month old pibble mix who loves toys, other dogs, sitting on laps and listening to music (she's particularly fond of Otis Redding). When she's relaxed, happy or asleep the little nubbin of her tongue slips out of her mouth. She snores. And oh, by the way, the least interesting thing about her? 

She's having the worst hair day ever. 

I'm sort of rocking the 'scabby' look right now. 
 Sweet Potato has demodectic mange. Don't get all itchy yet - it's not contagious. And we're not asking you to adopt her. She's not really ready to be adopted yet as she's still lookin' a bit lizard-ish and in a foster home getting care and growing her hair back.

This is what my hair will look like. Now stop looking at my butt. 
We've actually had this goofy (if somewhat scaly) bag of lovins' for about six weeks. Don't ask how she wound up like that - she came in as a stray so we don't know. Besides, that's not the point. Dwelling on the bad doesn't really do much of anything.

Dwelling on toys, however, is always a good idea. 
If we're not posting this to ask you to adopt her, what's the point? (No, we're not going to ask you for money. Though donations are always awesome). But why post this? What will we ask you do for her? 

We're going to ask you to root for Sweet Potato.

This is my 'Go Team Sweet Spud' dance. 
We already think she's beautiful but we're going to ask you to watch her get MORE beautiful.

Sweet Potato is in a foster home now and her foster mom (who is already a hero*) has ever-so-awesomely agreed to send us Sweet Potato daily. Pics of Sweet Potato with her foster brother...

What? Benjamin is comfortable...
Pics of Sweet Potato with her human friends...

Even pics of Sweet Potato when she comes in for her medical checkups with us.....

Doc, I'll love you more when we're past the thermometer bit...

We're asking you to follow along with her and cheer her on. We'll be posting daily on our Twitter and Instagram feeds and maybe even putting together a Pinterest board for her. She'll even have her own hashtag - #dailysweetpotato.

Why? Because everyone needs a little happy. Because she deserves a cheering squad. Because we're so proud of our foster and medical departments and we love to get a chance to show it off. And because wonderful things happen and we want you to be part of it. And because she's so darn cute.

Insert snoring noise here. 

*All foster parents are heroes but Sweet Potato's foster mom is particularly heroic. Not only has she been fostering with us for a long time, she always takes on the kids who need extra medical or behavioral help. All hail SP's Foster Mom! And the ever-tolerant Benjamin!


  1. You all are the best!!!!! Thank you for what you are doing!

  2. :) best post ever! add 2 to the sweet potato cheering squad!

  3. Love this! <3 Gooo SweetPotato!!

  4. Awesome work, as always! I'm always proud of my bay area shelters!

  5. Thanks! She's adorable!

  6. oh gawd, she's a-dorabull!! That tongue, those eyes, and that name!!! I loves you, SweetPotato!