Sunday, January 11, 2015

Forget Resolutions: Our (Belated) List of New Year Promises....

If 2015 was a car it'd look a lot like the 2014 model but with a better radio and some snazzy new GPS. Maybe a better paint color. If you've noticed that this year is feeling an awful lot like last, fear not: we ALWAYS have awesome new pooches for you. As everyone knows, dogs are way cooler than new radios and come in better colors. To help get you psyched for the year ahead we're going to make three promises to you. Unlike resolutions (which can be forgotten before the tag even comes off that new workout gear) promises generally require accountability. And by accountability we mean 'we're typing it in a blog entry that maybe 700 or 800 folks will read and we can delete at any time'.

Promise #1) Social Media That Doesn't Make You Want To Kill Yourself.

We're havin' a party over here. Come join us...

We know why you're here. You love animals and want to help. You took the brave step of opening a shelter page and bloop! found yourself on our blog. We think you're awesome. We promise to not show you pictures that will make you hate humanity, ruin your day and regret coming here. Our pets tend to be good, normal kids who are just in a state of transition usually due to changes in their owner's lives. You're going to love them as much as we love you for joining us here.

Bonjour! My name is Christophe and I will be your host....

#2) Perspective When Bad Things Do Happen.

You people really need to stop with the sad-face thing.

Sometimes we do get pooches, like our beloved Princess Sweet Potato, that come in lookin' a little rough. It happens. When we do, we promise to handle their stories the same way we handle the animals themselves: with hope, happiness, love and laughter. No one's denying that bad things happen. They do. Not as frequently as folks sometimes think but they do happen. But we love and respect Sweetness Potato-pants and Valentine and all of our other pets enough to treat them as individuals, not as a walking symbol of man's inhumanity to animals. Let's hear it for fresh starts and good endings. No one, person or dog, should be defined by what was done to them. Let's define them by who they are and the awesome things they achieve after.  Let's have the stories focus on the best part, like the bit where Leah goes home with her new family.

So long and thanks for all the cheese!

#3) All Cool Dogs, All The Time.

I'm so cool I get mad air. I'm the Shawn White of mutts.
We have the best dogs. We know you love dogs of the 'really awesome' and 'needing homes' variety. We promise to provide you with a never ending stream of amazing adoptables. So amazing, in fact, that you feel a need to come in and meet them for yourself. Where'd you put your car keys? Why don't you go grab those...

Have you grabbed your car keys yet? Why not? 
Thank you for making 2014 as fantastic as it was for Humane Society Silicon Valley and our animals. We look forward to more laughs, more fun, more great pets and great new homes in 2015.

Have you found those keys yet? 

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