Friday, January 16, 2015

Tiger Lily Is Just Like Adele. Except She Really Needs A Foster Home And Hasn't Won A Grammy (Yet).

This is Adele. She's a very, very famous singer with a huge voice who's won a million awards. 

No, we're not adopting out Adele. Keep reading. 
This is Tiger Lily. She's a dog, not a famous singer. Like Adele, she has a set of pipes on her. 

Why hello there. Keep reading, please. 
Tiger Lily is a basset hound mix. She's short, has ridiculous ears and (like most hounds) can make some noise.  This isn't her being naughty, it's just what the breed was bred to do. Arrrrroooooo.

So like Adele: 

No, we're STILL not adopting Adele. Don't be impatient. Keep reading. 
It's a natural talent. But here's the problem: Adele is not in a shelter. Tiger Lily is. When Tiger Lily first got here we didn't hear much from her. The occasional aarrrrooooooooo every now and again. But now that she's been here for FIVE MONTHS, we're hearing a lot more from her. Arrroooooooo. Arrooooooo. Arrrooooooo.

The ears! Heaven help us, we love the ears...
Why? Because Tiger Lily doesn't like it here. She's bored and frustrated and stressed out. While we are, paws down, the best shelter in the universe, a shelter is not a home. Being here wears on dogs after a while. 

Which is why we're looking for a very special foster home (or adoptive home!) for Tiger Lily. 

Look, we tried the turkey drumstick hat: 

You really need to come get me. I can't bear another holiday with these people. 
Nothing. So now we're appealing to the blog-o-sphere: Help us find Tiger Lily a foster home. Why should someone want to foster (or adopt) Tiger Lily?

All grace. All abandon. All low-rider. 
Because she's a happy, fun girl who loves to run and play. 

Because she really, really, really wants to meet your dog and promises to tire your pooch out. Seriously tire your dog out. What's better than exhausted, happy dogs at the end of the day?

Insert your children here. 
Because your kids? She'll love 'em. She likes kids. Particularly if they're willing to throw the ball for her. 

Regarding your cat, though.....

To quote an expert..
She's very, very interested in cats. We're not sure if it's for nefarious purposes or she just wants to be friends.* 

Either way, this is a wonderful dog with a lot to offer. She could really use a hand (and a bunk) until she can find her forever home. If you're hound-experienced or just patient with a little arrrrrooooooooo-ing every now and again, we'd be beside ourselves if you would fill this out

If you're not able to help, spread the word. Nab that guy you always see walking his beagle and ask him to fill this out. Or your friend who's home with the kids. Or anyone who seems like a good fit. We'd love to talk to them.

We thank you. Tiger Lily thanks you. And while we don't know Adele and if she's a dog person or not, she might thank you, too. Maybe. Sort of. Kind of. 


*While we do a full behavior evaluation on all our pooches, we don't do a cat test. They're not particularly accurate (or safe) in a shelter environment. Introducing dogs to cats (even dogs that have lived with cats in the past) to new cats should always be a slow process. If you stick a cat in front of most dogs, even ones that are great with them, they're probably going to try to get to it. 

Generic child photo courtesy of ©Nyul|Dreamstime.


  1. Arrooooo! I have a friend who has beagles, I'll pass the link along. :)

    1. Thank you. Or, as TL would say it, Arrrrroooooooooo....