Monday, June 22, 2015

Go Ham Or Go Home!

I know I was blabbing on about how we are flooded with kittens, but I want y'all to put that to the back of your mind. We have some other super furry totally loveable creatures that would like to call your place home. One word, two syllables, hamster!

Darn tooting! We have so many of these little furry love machines 
that we're giving 'em away for FREE! So come on down!

Yes, let us give tribute to big time animal lover, and "Come on down" praiser, Bob Barker. A man that I may be so bold to say, would be delighted in our enthusiasm to find homes for these hams! 

And now photo/meme/gif montage of, you guessed it, hamsters...

Wait, free adoptions for all hamsters?

I think we all could use an adorable fairy sized creature to watch stuff its face, 
run super fast on the wheel, or even wear a teeny tiny sweater. *Squeezes cheeks*
Check out our available chubby cheeked friends here.

Just saying this one...
Curly is all ours and is super photogenic. I mean, this knocks 
Kim Kardashian's "Paper" cover out of the park.

Please adopt one of our little hams! 

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