Friday, June 5, 2015

Impudent Juvenile Delinquent Puppies Invade HSSV.

We just don't know what's wrong with kids today. When we were young puppies not only housebroke in a week and never chewed anything, they also saved Timmy from numerous wells and occasionally did your taxes. 

But these young pups just have no respect. We know we're always bagging on puppies in our blog but this recent crop of pupsicles that have found their way to our doors just seem to be particularly wayward. Case in point: this little nugget was just transferred in from another shelter and couldn't be any cuter. A bug's ear, right? Adorbs... 

Don't I make you want to talk in a high pitched voice and make weird noises at me? 
We don't have enough words on to convey how cute this puppy is but...

See what we mean? Does he think we don't see him?

We'd like to say this is an isolated incident but it seems to be more of an epidemic. 

If my paws had thumbs, I'd be thumbing my ears at you, too. 
Maybe it's because we're filling up with the little buggers. Thanks to our amazing friends at Maddie's Fund, we pretty much emptied the shelter last weekend. Not only did we empty our shelter but Maddie's helped empty pretty much every other shelter in Santa Clara county, too. Why?

Because ppppphhhhhhttt.
Daisy stop that! We see that! But why did Maddie's help empty almost all of our county shelters? Because Maddie's Fund is amazing. So with most of our pooches sleeping in good homes...

I'm sorry. I'm a good puppy, I swear. 
No, Daisy. You are not sorry. You are not even the least little bit sorry. Anyhoo, with most of our pooches safely nestled in forever homes, the shelter was very empty. Which meant we were able to go to some of our more rural buddy-shelters and help them out by taking in some of their little juvenile delinquents. 

Do you think we don't notice that, little rat terrier mix? You are not subtle. The moral of this story is...

Seriously? Is this look of contempt subtle enough for you? 
that the aftereffects of Maddie's Pet Adoption Days went far beyond the 308 animals we adopted out last weekend. 

Wait - re-read that last sentence. Yes, we said 308. 308 adoptions. 

A number so monumental we cannot stop saying it. A number so amazing it belongs on a semi-truck.

We digress. Returning to the moral of the story, the ripple effect of Maddie's Days reached far beyond our county and community and into the lives of homeless pets desperately needing homes in other parts of California. Like this adorable baby...

A puppy so cute you actually want to eat it. 

who was also transferred in from a rural shelter. 

Even in the rural shelters we know pppphhhhtttttt..
Okay, seriously. Enough already. Anyway, predilection for being rotten little monsters until they reach an age of reason aside (puppies are, after all, evil) these guys are all sweet and friendly, if prone to pulling faces behind our back. 

Currently all of them are going through medical and intake check-ins but if you're interested, keep an eye on our adoptable animals page and they'll be posted when they're ready. 

In the meantime, we'll be trying to figure what made puppies in the past so wonderful and puppies now so bratty. We're thinking it might have something to do with the fallibility of human memory and not, as we had previously thought, heavy metal music and the popularity of that sarcastic dog on Family Guy.

I love that sarcastic dog. 
Okay, enough. We give up. The takeaways? 

We will have puppies.

Maddie's Fund is awesome. 

That is all. 


  1. Congrats on a great Maddie's Fund weekend. Those new puppy faces are adorable. Cute blog.

  2. Once again, awesome writer, you have a future in professional writing. Puppies, you have a future in mischief making. ;-)