Friday, May 29, 2015

A Very Large Announcement And Adopt-Me Face Reboot.

Hey, guys - knock it off for a second. We have something very, very important to talk about. 

What? We're busy. We're doing important puppy stuff. 
I know you're playing. But this is super important. Tomorrow and Sunday are Maddie's Pet Adoption Days. Which means all adoptions this weekend are free. And (thanks to Maddie) all of you are probably getting adopted this weekend. 

Holy crop circles! I must dance!

You're right Archie. That is very, very, very good news. Did we mention how awesome Maddie's Fund is? If you haven't heard of them, you should. But back to the subject at hand...

I'm listening...
Thank you, Muffy, for being such a good listener. Back to the subject: we need you all to do your best this weekend. We already know all of our dogs are made of awesome. But with so many folks here and so many eyes on you, we need you to communicate it to them. You need to develop an Adopt-Me face. 

Like this? 
Yes, like that. Perfect, Muffy. Perfect. Go to the head of the class. Can someone else try? First impressions are everything. I need to see some smiles. 

Oh, Mr. Wigglesworth. Oh, no. Not quite what we were thinking. It definitely portrays your intention but, well, it looks a little like desperation. Very strange, doughy desperation...

I could lurf you. I could lurf you forever. Particularly if you have cookies. 
That's great, Flash! The smile, the sideways tongue, the 'I'm totally ready to hang out and go hiking and just love you' squint. Nicely played, big man. Anyone else? 

What about my smoosh-face smile? 
Nice Clyde! Very, very nice. Yes, you look like a hairy little alien but you look like the adorable hairy little alien love-sponge of our dreams. While we're doing this we should also mention what folks need to bring when they come in this weekend. Which is basically their ID, everyone in the family and the resident dogs if they're coming in to adopt a dog. Easy enough, right? 

Easy-peasy. Heeeellllooo, America! I'm YOUR dog!
Less tongue, more face Watson. But aside from that, golden. Definitely on the right track.  

Anyhoo, they'll also need to bring a leash and collar for pooches or a carrier for other pets. No worries if you don't have them - we have an awesome pet store here that can hook you up. 

I need you more than anyone has ever needed anything. Ever. 
Wow. Polly that might be a little too....intense. We know you're eager but can you tone it down a bit? You look like you're trying a Jedi mind trick. 

I lurf you. Hug me? 
Much better. Way better. Miles better. 

All four of our locations will be open on Saturday with plenty o' pets ready to meet you with their Adopt-Me faces. 

I'm all yours! Let's play! Bring cookies! 
Brilliant, Capone. Really brilliant.

Some of our Neighborhood Adoption Centers will be closed on Sunday so make sure you watch our Facebook for updates. 

Our goal is to empty to empty the shelters so we need all you wonderful pet-wantin' people to come in and adopt for FREE. 

If you aren't ready for a pet, spread the word: tell a friend, a coworker, the lonely woman who lives downstairs - everyone. And follow our Instagram and Twitter for real time updates as we empty the shelter!

And no, Mr. Wigglesworth. You're not there yet. Keep working on your Adopt-Me face. You'll get there. I promise.

Sorry. Better? 
There you go..

All of these amaze-balls pooches (as well as our army of awesome kitties) are waiting to meet you. See you tomorrow!

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