Friday, May 8, 2015

B-old And Fabulous!

Did you know you can't spell bold without old? Darn tooting young things. Old is fabulous. Everything gets better as you age. What? You don't believe me. Take an age old saying - "I'm like a fine wine. I mature with age".

All our cats over 6 years old are just $2 dollars to adopt from May 8th-10th! So let's celebrate our elders!

Seriously? Older is better. Remember growing up with that older sibling? Quiet only children, we're pretending we all had siblings growing up. Or fine, if you didn't have an older brother or sister, how 'bout that older cool kid you always admired. You know what I'm talking about. They always were ahead of the curve, while you were still learning things. You know how they did that? They got older than you! Age, for the win!

This is Drake. He's pretty darn cool and ma-ture!

Does anyone remember how old Gandalf was? He was like 2,000 years old, ancient, and a sick wizard. Do you think that happens over night? Nope. He took his sweet years learning and became Gandalf the White over time.

Cracker Jack is like "One day I shall have a long wizard beard."

I will never forget the comeback of all lady celebrity comebacks, you know her name. It's Demi Moore...The woman that inspired almost all ladies in the '90s to shave their heads G.I. Jane style, and start doing push ups with our beds. Yes, she is a goddess, amazing, and absolutely unstoppable. Did anyone see how fierce she looked in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"? And I know it was temporary, but she locked down Ashton Kutcher for a good six years. Props to this woman.

Abby's ready for her forever home comeback!

I couldn't write this blog without acknowledging the one, the only, the "Terminator". Mr. Arnold Schwarzannergarhththeerrrrr. Sorry the struggle to spell his last name is real, but his ambition is stronger. This man not only became Mr. Universe at 20, but he also stole the spotlight as the go-to male action lead in almost anything explosion packed from the late '80s into the '00s. And did I mention he became the governor of California and he's still making movies? Action movies! "Terminator Genisys" and "The Legend of Conan" are on the horizon. This man is force to be reckoned with and he proves getting older is sweet because it lets you brag about all your achievements.

Tyler is ready to be the starring role in your home! *Wink*

This can't be a blog about our more refined cats without acknowledging, dadbod. You've heard it whispered throughout the internets. Well, at this point, it's more a shout. If you haven't heard, dadbod is that squishy, love-handle possessing body type, generally our patriarchs gather over their years of dad-ness. Here in the shelter, we have something called shelterbod. It's that pudgy, getting rounder, neck roll body, our cats tend to develop when they sit in our shelter. And we are here to celebrate shelterbod at it's finest...

Sunkiss knows there's more of her to love.

Let's just end this with a haiku:

Purr purr purr purr purr
Take me home with you me-ow
 Seriously now

If you'd like to view all of our cats for adoption, feel free to check out our website.


  1. Older is awesome! I'll never adopt someone under 5 years old again. I'm too old for kittens swinging from the drapes and killing the couch and my feet and anything else they can pounce on. Yay for the seniors!

  2. I totally feel you. I love older animals too! They are the perfect balance of fun and couch potato.

  3. Shelterbod... bahahaaaa!! I can't handle the awesome hotness!