Friday, May 1, 2015

May The Fourth Be With You. Always.

Something very special will be happening shortly. Maybe you've heard of it of maybe you're asking 'what the heck is this cyber nerd talking about'? Six words: May the fourth be with you. May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, is a day to celebrate Star Wars, celebrate the fact that George Lucas emerged from the womb, and to remind you to pick your side, the rebel alliance or the imperial forces. It is a sacred nerdy day, where you can throw your hair into Leia buns and no one will judge you.

A day where you can hum your personal lyrics for the Cantina song. And a day where you can do your best Darth Vadar impression.

And it is also a day that our cats will remember always, as the day they chose...the dark side!!!
DJ, put on dat Imperial March!

Tyler our resident AT AT cat attack machine!

Courtney is a random "Star Wars" lizard thing. 
Does anyone know what this creature's called?

Emperor Dory, she's sassy and she knows it!

Jawa Madeline says,"Gawasejoibba-beu!" Translation: hand over the fish treat.

Samantha aka 'Jabba The Cat' is ready for you to serve her every whim. 

Okay can we just take a moment to look at this striking resemblance between...

 ^this weird partying Cantina alien
and Estelle? They are like twinsies!

 I hope you got your dark side cat fix 'cause that's all folks!
Don't worry though, our cats aren't as evil as they were portrayed. Please, hop in your land cruiser and head on over to meet these fabulous cats. If you'd like to check out our other adoptable kitties, click this link.

Ps. Below are extras of some cats that turned from the dark side:


C3P-Sunkiss and R2-Kenickie

Okay really, you can stop reading this blog now. Just go!

Or you could play your hand at being George Lucas 
and make your own "Star Wars" crawl creator:

Now seriously, catch you next week! I'll be the one with the ridiculous Jedi robes
roaming the streets of San Jose on May the 4th. Not really, but you catch my drift! ;)

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