Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So You Found Yourself In A Shelter: An Open Letter To Incoming Pooches

Dear Future HSSV Dogs,

So you found yourself in a shelter. We're sorry. That stinks. 

It does. Where are my people? 

We won't dwell on why you're here. No sense thinking too hard on the past. We know it's hard to see it right now when you're frightened and unsure, but you have a huge future ahead of you. A great big, ginormous, wonderful, amaze-balls future. We'll just try to think on that while we get through the scary bits. 

My whole life feels like scary bit right now...

The good news is that there aren't that many scary bits. Yes, you have to go through a vet exam, get fixed and get some shots but that's not terrible. Our vet staff is really nice. They're also pretty goofy and will crawl around on the floor with you and rub your belly if that's what it takes to make you comfortable. 

Slobbering on you is a comfort to me. 
Plus if anything is hurting when you come in, they'll take care of it and make you feel better. They're really good at that. 

Feeling better is great. Lampshades on your head are not. 

And if you need some modifications or help to get rollin', we can handle that, too. 

You see me rollin', no hatin'. 
Even if you're so little you need an extra special safe-place, we've got you. 

This looks like a good spot. 
Didn't we tell you everything was going to be okay?  It's pretty nice around here. While it's not as good as a home, it's a pretty great place to hang out while you wait for one.  There's lots of toys...

This is a particularly awesome toy, just so you know. 
And a really fun yard. If you ask this guy, he'd tell you it was the best yard EVER. Like, ever-ever. 

Is there a dog under there? Or just a tongue and some teeth? 
Of course if you can actually find his face to ask him then good on you. That's a powerful lot of hair.

We even have little pools in the yard for hot days. 

Can I get a peanut butter margarita in here? Where is the pool boy???

If you ask Nala (who's been adopted), she'll tell you the pools were pretty awesome. 

There are plenty of loving people around who will hang out with you and take you on walks and comfort you if you're having an 'I-need-a-hug' moment.

Thank you.
Or just want to hang out and hold hands. 

I won't mention your sweaty palms, nice volunteer lady. 
And if you're feeling a little ratty and need some freshening up, we've got you covered on that, too. 

Can we talk about this? Was this really necessary?
We're going to get you all ready for a new life with a wonderful forever family. It will be an adventure. 

I'm dressed for adventure.
Then that day will come when you do find your forever family and take off to live happily ever after. 

New Mom why can't I drive? I have a license!
We'll be so happy for you but a little sad, too. Because we'll miss you. Maybe you'll send us postcards from your new life and we'll almost cry because we're so glad you're doing well. 

We definitely need a tissue after this picture. Yay Christopher!
Seriously though, everything is going to be okay. We promise. Okay? Feel better? 

Wait - you said shots? 

Well, we tried. Just settle in a bit. You'll see. 

Are my new peeps here yet? 

A quick note: most of the pics in this blog were captured by the wonderful Jackie MacMillan (AKA Jackie Mac) who is not only an amazing volunteer and photographer but also a great visual storyteller who manages to document the journey of so many of our dogs while they're with us. We are incredibly lucky to have her.

Another quick note: you see the puppy-hugging volunteer? That's Desiree. Desiree has been volunteering with us for years. We've had the pleasure of watching her grow up and every weekend we remained awed by her dedication to the animals. She is, to put it succinctly, the most amaze-balls kid. Or teen. Whatever. She's just awesome.

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