Sunday, May 8, 2016

Meet The Rest Of The Lineup

Unless you've been in a closet, you probably noticed that Sharks Cat broke onto the scene (and the ice) like, well...

Despite her bombastic media debut, she's a bit of a retiring gal and has been chilling here, watching the playoffs, putting on some weight and getting some serious love. She's actually more like...

Hello there. 
Don't get us wrong. She's got some powerful mojo. (Any one see the game last night? Hello!) Like most black cats, she's good luck. But all of this media attention has everyone asking 'what's going on with Jo'?

Relax people - I just got here. And the food is gooooood. 
The past few days Jo PAW-velski has been workin' hard getting stronger and bigger. She still needs to be fixed. Since she's not available as of yet, we thought perhaps you'd like to meet some other lucky kitties who would love to watch the playoffs with you.  From the safety of your couch, of course. No more icescapades. 

Only one person can actually adopt Jo, so take a gander at some of the rest of our roster. All solid players. All needing homes. All totally down for some hardcore sofa and sports time with you. 

Sylvester AKA Brent Burns

I make disheveled look good. 
No one rocks crazy hair like Sylvester rocks crazy hair. He's a nice guy, too. Super outgoing and always doing something unexpected. You can't help but like watching him. Or watching the playoffs with him. 

Tab, AKA Tommy Wingels.

By the time you see me moving, it's too late. 
He's fast. He's good. And you never see him coming until it's too late. Tab's the guy you want to have in your corner. 

Spencer AKA Martin Jones

Dedicated, smart, loyal and pretty easy on the eyes. 

Pirate AKA Joe Thornton

Don't mind the permanent wink. It adds to my charm. 
Not only fantastic at what he does but also quite possibly the nicest cat you'll ever meet. He's been in the game awhile and as a result is the best around. 

An honorable mention: 

Bonks, AKA Faux PAW-velski.

No, he's not the real Jo PAW-velski but if she needed an older stunt double, Bonks would be the man for the job. He's a straight out doppelgänger and a super nice guy to boot. When it comes to chasing the red dot though, he straight out-performs the real Jo PAW-velski. He's a playing fiend.

True, none of these guys have their own web cam or Twitter accounts. None of them have spawned some of the awesome artwork we've seen from Sharks Fans. 

That said, they're all awesome kitties who would love to meet you. So while Jo PAW-velski enjoys her recuperation, think about adopting one of these guys instead. 

Don't get stuck watching the next game alone!


  1. Great job with Jo and your sharks website, GO sharks! Jo will get a home, correct? We would like to donate to your office.
    Mike and Leane, we will donate next week.

  2. Miss seeing Jo Pawvelski on the Maddie Cam. Although the new set of kitties are adorable. Has Jo and her little scamp roomies been adopted? My husband and I sent you a donation. We're from Sonoma County, are big Sharks fans, and have adopted kitties from our local animal shelter - Miss CC (Calico Cutie) and Mr. BB (Bacon Boy) love to sit with us and watch hockey and Giants baseball. Thanks for all you do and I hope more kitties get adopted in Silicon Valley!

  3. I was confused when I saw the Maddie Cam recently. I thought some young kittens were added to keep Jo company. But, it looks like the black cat in the video is nursing the kittens. Is Jo a teen mother? Mothering another set of kittens? Then, that would mean that she has kittens out there somewhere who became separated from her and might not have survived.
    If Jo was wild & not socialized to humans, is it going to work for her to be homed with people, rather than as a garden or barn kitty? What's the update?

  4. Jo was adopted this past Friday the 13th. :-) This is a new set of felines. Jo was too young to have kitties...and the HSSV made sure she was spayed...thank goodness! There's a Mercury News article about Jo going to a new home linked from the San Jose Sharks website.

    It was a bit confusing for a few days as the copy underneath the MaddieCam was saying Jo Pawvelski was on. I do wonder what happened to her two adorable roomies. They were a kick to watch as they played. Kinda got Jo a little more socialized too as she would every now and then join in. From the few views I saw, Jo was doing just fine with humans. She liked being pet and fed!