Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Canine Miscreants That Have Totally Stolen Our Hearts.

We have the best dogs. Every single pooch we get is one hundred percent perfect in their own amazing, quirky way. But dogs, like people, are not perfect. And we're firm believers in putting it all out on the table and letting people make their own choices.

These guys are awesome. They're staff and volunteer favorites. They're also kids who have been poking around for a while, waiting for the right peeps. Are they traditionally perfect dogs? Oh heck no. But are we all traditionally perfect people? Somewhere out there is a great home for each of these perfectly imperfect guys and we're going to find it.

FYI? It might be you. 

Bree: The Pocket Size Thug.

Watch where you put them hands, stranger.
The only thing more disheartening than being bullied is being bullied by a seven pound dog with the face of an angel. Such is the dilemma of Bree, our little gangster.

Bree likes her peeps: she's got some friends at the shelter that she's really close to. She loves going for walks with them, invading their laps, playing in the park. Bree also loves her stuff: her toys, her treats, her bed. Once she gets to know you, she'll show it to you.

What Bree doesn't want is strangers groping her. Until you know a lady, keep your paws off. She has a pretty wide definition of personal space and she's not afraid to defend it. She's been working on the crate thing but if you think you're getting her in that dog carrier you've got another think coming. 'Purse dog' is just not happening. She's got too much gravitas for that.

Bree is sort of the Beyonce of dogs: she's fierce, she's fabulous and she's funny. If you've ever seen her pics, she was born to pose. She loves working on her training and long walks by the river. In general, she's a hoot who never forgets who she loves and is always happy to see them.

Gnome: Instigator and Trash Talker Extraordinaire.

It's like watching a teddy bear swear. 
Here comes another dog - and there goes Gnome. We don't speak dog but we'd pretty well guess what's coming out of that absurdly cute little mouth is doggy obscenity. Any passing pooch turns the little Cavalier King Charles mix straight from Hugh Jackman into Andrew Dice Clay.

He's so adorable he's like a drunk supermodel heckling the winners at an awards show. On one hand you're like "please don't do that" but on the hand you're like "wow, he looks GOOD".

In reality, Gnome has a reason for his loudmouthed ways: he was horribly bullied by another dog in his past home and now detests his own kind. Being deaf, he can't really hear them coming so  he does his 'best defense is a good offense' thing. 

The good news? He's working through it. He's a top-notch genius with hand signals and he's learning more sign language every day. With him watching his person for a command, he's pretty easy to distract.  Check out his moves.

And did we mention he's the biggest love muffin EVER with people? Rub the belly!

Harvey: The Good Natured Misanthrope.

I'm going to need some age verification before we can talk.
There is so much in the world that little Harvey loves. He loves fetch - he always brings back the toy. He loves people. He loves walks and sunshine and is good with other dogs. You'd be pretty hard pressed to not call this outgoing little cutie The Absolute Perfect Dog except for one thing..


Kids turn sweet, lovely Harvey into...

He doesn't go after them, he just doesn't want them anywhere near him. Even really awesome well behaved kids. In a home with adults he'd be fantastic. In a home with other dogs he'd be stellar. He just has some strange, deep seated prejudice towards little people that sends him barking and cowering in the opposite direction.

While Harvey's issue isn't a huge deal, he's a little brown and tan chi in a world awash with little tan and brown chis. Getting people to notice how spectacular he is can be tough. Add a little phobia to kids in there and poor Harvey has been hanging out with us for quite a while. 

Is this the bit where it gets all philosophical? Sigh.

Here at HSSV we believe in a lot of things. We believe that people are good, that animals are good, and that animals make people's lives better. We also believe very deeply that there is a lid for ever pot. Even pots that are a wee bit quirky. 

Maybe you're reading this and thinking 'I'm not a kid person' or 'I had a dog just like that ridiculously adorable little thug'. Maybe you're thinking your mom would love Gnome. If you are, we need to tell you something:

Or maybe it's just well placed social media, we don't pretend to know. But this is your lightning bolt moment. 

We found your pot. Get your lid self on down here. 

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