Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Frosty Update To Wrap Up 2016.

He likes coyote scat and walks in the desert.

This view makes him happy.

As do the holidays,

Never has a dog been more willing to wear silly headgear..
though they can be exhausting.

Post holiday derp-face.
So can those walks in the desert, to be honest.

Post coyote-scat investigation snooze.
Which is why it's good to have a sunroom to stretch out in.

He had missed six months of Pit Bulls and Parolees.  But luckily New Mom likes that show, too..

New Mom, let's binge watch. Please.
So he had a chance to catch up. It was a looooong journey home for everyone's favorite big bubba but with so many people asking how he's adjusting to his new life and his new state, we had to take a moment to do an update. The TL:DR? Wonderfully. He's doing wonderfully.

Two weeks ago Frosty pulled out of HSSV en route to his new home in Tucson. He had a bully stick, a KONG, a human chauffeur (we didn't trust him to drive himself) and a scheduled rendezvous with New Mom and Dad in Palm Springs for the second part of his long journey home.

Approx life span of 2 foot bully stick? 20 minutes.
New Mom had worked at HSSV and retired a few years ago to Tucson with her husband, New Dad. They had lost their big dog a few months back and had tentatively started looking for a new one when they noticed Frosty on our Facebook page. When New Dad was on a trip to San Jose, he stopped in to HSSV to meet Frosty. It was love at first sight. The only thing left to do was get him ready for his trip to his new home.

The days before he left had been a whirlwind of goodbyes. There was his farewell party..

Approx life span of doggy cake? 39 seconds.
Some quiet goodbyes with good friends like Carl, Jackie Mac and DeEtte..

You'll write, won't you Jackie?
And then it was time to go. About an hour into the drive Frosty decided he wanted to sit in the front seat, as his Doggy Dates had told us he loves to do. So that's what he did.

Sorry 'bout that somersault into the front seat. My bad.
He finally passed out with his head on his chauffeur's lap and aside from a quick break outside of LA....

He slept all the way down to Palm Springs where he met New Mom and Dad. There was a long walk with New Dad while New Mom signed his paperwork and then it was settling onto New Mom's lap for the rest of the drive...

Snuggle snuggle snuggle snuggle.
He didn't mind sitting in the backseat because New Mom sat with him. They got home to Tucson at 2AM and he found his new bed and new stuff, which was very exciting...

So New Mom, we're all going to sleep in this together, right?
 But he decided he'd rather put his ginormous white butt in bed with New Mom and New Dad and sleep with them instead. 

All in all, life's been pretty good for Frosty since he left. He not only has New Mom and New Dad but also their extended family who all love him as well. It's not a bit less than what he deserves. To everyone who loved on him, cheered him on, took him out for Doggy Days Out and shared his story, he extends a huge thank you. And so do we. 

Meanwhile back at HSSV Frosty's legacy has made life better for so many other pooches. The Doggy Day Out program that started as an attempt to get him some relaxation and exercise is going strong, with lots of other big pooches getting the attention and normalcy they so need.

Thanks Frosty...
Yup, 2016 has been a rough one in a lot of ways but isn't this an awesome way to wrap up the year?

Thanks Frosty. Thanks New Mom and Dad. May everyone have an amazing 2017.


  1. What a lovely way to end 2016 and a strong way to begin the New Year with renewed hope and faith for our furbabies. So happy for you Frosty, thank you for rescuing!

  2. Thank you for updates! Hugs and love from Yogi HSSV Alumni 2011 :) Happy New Year to all HSSV Volunteers and Staff!

  3. This is such a heartwarming story. Frosty is so loved, and found his forever home. <3

  4. Great ending...or actually....beginning

  5. I met him he was a beautiful dog! I'm glad he has a happy forever home!!

  6. This is the happiest ending ever!!!!!!