Monday, December 19, 2016

In The Land Of Pirate Kittehs, Party Cats And The Perfectly Imperfect.

What is perfection? Aside from being vastly overrated, of course.

Perfection is overrated. I, however, am perfect and not overrated. Take note. 
Particularly when it comes to cats, what exactly does perfect mean? Is it graceful and lithe?

Horrible crash landing coming in 3, 2, 1....
Or perfectly svelte?

I distrust anyone who practices self deprivation...
Well, that's lame. And boring. And untrue.

You are boring me even more than hoomans usually bore me.
We see a lot of cats. An awful lot of cats. We'd even go out on a limb here and call ourself cat-experts.

I stick out my tongue at your impudence. 
And what we've found is that all cats are pretty perfect. Particularly the more interesting characters we see.  Lately we've seen a huge influx of pirate kitties..

Ahoy mateys. 
Which doesn't bother them at all. They can still destroy a Christmas tree with the best of them.

Trust me, I'm taking this thing DOWN.
In fact they find other cat's extraneous eyes a little redundant though they would never be as gauche as to say that. We appreciate their tact. We've also had some dentally challenged kitties..

Yeth? Ith there a problem?
For whom lack of teeth present no problems at all. In fact they're quite delighted to be on a soft food diet. Hooman, do open me a can now. 

And then there's the Party Cats, the most perfectly imperfect of them all. 

I am so plotting something. So very plotting something.
The Party Cats refuse to adhere to the stereotype of shy, retiring kitties who enjoying napping and lap time. No, the Party Cats are here to party - they want to chase a laser pointer, run laps around the house, annihilate the fuzzy mouse toy and present you with the remnants of it. 

If look in the corner you'll see the remains of the toys who crossed me..
A little petting on the cheeks and head is adequate but let's not go overboard with the lovey dovey stuff. For Party Cats the family that plays together, stays together. These overgrown kittens are outgoing, playful and guaranteed to make you laugh and keep you on your toes. If you can't decide if you want a dog or a cat, you probably want a Party Cat.

I need a laser pointer. NOW. 
No one is perfect but no one pulls off imperfection like a cat. Cats just are who they are and they own it. Let them be role models for us all. The holidays are here and with our Home For The Holidays promo adoption fees on all adult cats is just $15. 

Don't we all need a little more glorious imperfection in our lives? 

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  1. Great blog as usual. Cat number two made a graceful landing by the way.