Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Cat Problem.

We have a cat problem.

Excuse you?
Okay, so maybe it's more of a person problem involving cats. If you ask cats, there is no such thing as a cat problem, just an awful lot of people problems. Such is the nature of cats. Such is why we love cats.

Now that we have that straightened out, carry on Problem Hooman.
The issue is thus: we are chock full to the brim of absolutely amazing cats really wanting to go home.

We need some peeps of our own, Newman. 
Cats like Lady Pumpernickel, who has appointed herself the official greeter of our Sunshine Community Cat Room. 

Yo. Come on in. Can I borrow your lap for a minute?
While she loves the visitors and attention, she'd really rather light out for a place of her own where she can be permanent greeter as opposed to this temp gig. The problem is not the cats.

Stunning, yes. Affectionate, yes. But a problem? You offend...
But rather the lack of folks coming to adopt them. We're not talking about the kittens, devious little monsters that they are, who have no issues resorting to subterfuge and smuggling to find themselves placements..

Stuff yourself in there, Bob. Then when you she gets you home go full-cuteness mode.
No, they're doing just fine. As are the d-o-g-s who seem to be flying out of the shelter on fleet little paws...

May we not say the 'd' word in this blog? Please? 
It's our wonderful, affectionate, calm, friendly awesome cats who keep finding themselves overlooked. This isn't entirely unusual as we've just come out of a very long and very busy kitten season but it is odd as it's Home For The Holidays time where adoption fees on all adult animals are just $15. 

Only $15 to adopt me and my mustache? A bargain!
We know Gracie. But we're a little bit at loose ends because we have allllll these awesome cats getting overlooked. Our Sunshine Room crowd is the friendliest group of cats we've ever seen. If you go in and sit down on the sofa you wind up buried under a pile of gregarious felines. So we might have to do it...

No. Absolutely not. No. 
Yes Pixel, it's true. We need to get you guys noticed. So we might need to break out the...

Don't get crazy guys, it's actually kind of warm. And there were treats. 
holiday costumes. 

We don't know why you're upset, kitten. You're not in the line of camera fire for this. We know the cats don't always love it but it does get them noticed and shared. Last year all of our kitty models from our holiday shots were scooped up quickly. 

Scooped up quickly? Really? Right here. Pick me. Get the costume. 
And there were lots of treats involved...

Is my dignity worth freeze dried tuna? Yes. Yes it is. 
We don't know. It's just an idea we're kicking around. But it would probably help if folks spread the word about Home For The Holidays, The Gregarious Feline Pile and our current cat and/or human issue.

As Annabelle said, Ahem. And yes, she is looking at you.