Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Tail: Ashes and Soot

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

We love bringing animals and people together at HSSV, and sometimes we get to play matchmaker for our animals too. No one would question if you told them Ashes and Soot are sisters, but without HSSV these two kittens would have never met.
Soot was just over a pound when she came in as a stray. She was placed in our foster care program until she doubled in size and could find a new home. Ashes was already old enough for adoption when she was surrendered with her Mom and litter-mate a month after we took in Soot.

Both Ashes and Soot watched their litter-mates get adopted before them. Ashes was already a quiet kitten, and we did not want her to become withdrawn without a friend. We took the girls to a neutral room to introduce them. Before you could say “toy mice” they were playing together. The play gave way to cuddles, and we could not tell where one black and white kitten stopped and the other began. With Soot by her side, Ashes was ready to take on the world.

A few days later we met a woman looking for a couple of felines. Susan and her husband had recently lost their bonded pair of cats after a long illness. The couple admitted they “want to rescue them all...but only have room for two.” The monochromatic duo charmed their way into Susan’s heart to be her two. Kittens’ falling in love with kittens, and then falling in love with people makes Ashes and Soot twice the matchmaking success!

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  1. Steve and I are falling in love with Ashes and Soot more and more each day. They are beautifully behaved girls, and we owe that to the amazing fostering that they received for the first months of their lives. The sweet girls are always near one another, and call to each other when they're in different rooms. Our feline family is complete...thank you HSSV, for the amazing work you do to help so many of our animal friends.