Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Tail: Zoe

By Jamie Emming Satellite Adoption Manager

When we met Zoe, an eight-year-old cattle dog mix, she was flanked by two little girls in our pet surrender lobby. Their arms looped around her faded gold coat, they kept saying “sit Zoe” to show us she’s one smart dog. Zoe sat quietly through the fierce hugs, and calmly walked away with our staff as she said good-bye to the family she’d known all her life. Zoe and her family had just lost their house, and their future apartment had a strict “no pets” policy. It was now up to HSSV to continue Zoe’s search for a home.

Zoe’s first stop was to see our medical team. Spending the last few weeks outside with relative’s dogs as the family weighed their options had left Zoe a little worn around the edges. Her elbows were calloused, her ears were waxy, and her teeth were in need of dental care. Our veterinarians spayed her, gave her a full dental cleaning on her teeth and cleaned out her mucky ears.

Soon after, Zoe was meeting potenital familes who were all vying for the opportunity to adopt her. Zoe’s lucky new owner is an active retiree who wanted a walking partner and had been keeping a close eye on our website. After being up for adoption for only three days, the happy herding dog went home to join her new owner’s cat, another HSSV alumni. As you can see from her photo, Zoe is once again smiling as she too has found a new home.

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