Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“Not So Undercover Boss” Part I: The Virtue of Cleanliness

“Not So Undercover Boss” Part I: The Virtue of Cleanliness

By Carol Novello

HSSV President

During my first 100 days as president of Humane Society Silicon Valley, I want to experience all aspects of our business first-hand. I recently learned how to clean our dog apartments. It’s hard, hard work. And it’s really, really important work, too.

Cleanliness in our kennels helps keep our four-legged guests healthy. It also means less risk of illness and infection.

Taking cleanliness for granted is easy to do. Especially when it’s “not your job.” That’s why I wanted to experience it first-hand. Personally, I learn by doing. I also appreciate by doing.

To all of our hard-working Animal Care Techs (ACTs), I say THANK YOU. You make it look easy. I know it’s not. My ‘Going to the Dogs’ video is the proof.

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  1. I think that HSSV is the most wonderful place, for the animals and for our interaction with them. And so glad when I see a cat adopted! (I love dogs too but haven't been trained in that yet). Jan

  2. Great job President Carol and ACT team, your off to a great start at HSSV. Can’t wait to see the next adventure of Undercover Boss. Eric