Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Creative Solution to Kitten Season

By Amber N. Yoo, HSSV Volunteer

Have you heard of “kitten season?” Every summer, we hear in the news about the local animal shelters being overrun with kittens. When the weather is warmer, the biological clock of unspayed female cats starts ticking! In the end, the shelters are left with dozens of litters of kittens who need vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and homes of their own. Fortunately, the kittens are quickly scooped up by loving families, because who doesn’t love a playful, cuddly kitten? Unfortunately, the presence of adoptable kittens usually means adult cats are overlooked and spend longer in the shelters, waiting for families to notice them.

Well, guess what? We live in California. And that means we have warmer weather most of the year! In Silicon Valley, female cats begin getting pregnant in late December and have litters until late into the fall. Right now, the local shelters are filled to the brim with kittens and adult cats. In an effort to help find homes for all these furry felines, Humane Society Silicon Valley is partnering with three other rescue agencies to offer a super low adoption fee for all cats. Throughout the month of November, if you adopt a kitten or cat from Humane Society Silicon Valley, Peninsula Humane Society, San Jose Animal Care Center, or Town Cats, you pay only $10. And did I mention that every cat goes home vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped? A spay/neuter surgery alone can cost up to $300, so not only are you saving a life by adopting from a shelter, but you are saving money, too.

Save a life this holiday season. Adopt a cat from your local shelter.

Want to Take the Next Step? Click here to see HSSV’s adoptable cats. Click here to learn more about HSSV’s adoption procedure.

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