Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Pet Tips

By Amber N. Yoo, HSSV Volunteer

With Thanksgiving just a day away, people often call Humane Society Silicon Valley with pet-related questions like, “Would it be okay to give Fido a turkey bone?” So, here are five tips to keep your pet safe and happy this holiday weekend.

1. Keep the feast out of reach! No one ones to find their beautifully glazed turkey on the floor… Agile and creative dogs or cats can capture a special treat from the kitchen counter or even the dining room table. If you can’t “supervise” the food, put Fido on a leash or confine Fluffy to her favorite bedroom.

2. Resist offering your leftovers. Rich and fatty foods like dressing, pie, and gravy can lead to serious and painful pancreatitis. That said… if your dog is known to “dumpster dive,” keep the trashcan well secured.

3. No turkey bones! Turkey bones can cause very serious and sometimes fatal consequences for your pet. It might be a good idea to refresh your memory on where the closest emergency clinic is… just in case Fido sneaks a bone.

4. Make a special treat. So, no turkey bones or leftovers? Where’s the fun in that? Well, consider making a pet-friendly treat for your furry best friend. Just Google “homemade pet treat recipes.” (Wouldn’t this be a great kids project?) Or, if you’re like me, you’ll just swing by the pet store and pick up a few choice nibbles ahead of time.

5. Plan ahead for pets. Sure, pets like excitement, but they are also creatures of habit. Set aside time for a morning walk with Fido, or a lap petting session with Fluffy. It is Thanksgiving after all, and what better way to thank our pets for their unconditional love than with some one-on-one time?

Do you have a Thanksgiving pet tip that we’ve missed? Post a comment!

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