Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Tail: Florence

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

Florence is a dainty kitty with a giant personality. At only a year old, she found her way to HSSV after her previous owners’ job transferred them out of the country. Florence isn’t a common name we see in an organization filled with cats named Tiger, Squeaky, or Coco. In fact she’s the only cat named Florence in our database!

When I first met Florence she was sitting in the back of her kennel relaxing. She was up very high and out of my reach to show her to potential suitors. I tried my entire cat-coaxing repertoire by making bird noises, offering toys, treats, and affection, but she didn’t budge. Before going for a footstool, I attempted the unthinkable for a cat and softly said “Florence”. To my surprise, the little muted tortoiseshell stood up, took a long stretch, and walked out to me. She not only knew her name, but also came when called.

A small family with a 2-year-old son adopted Florence soon after my experience with her. They tell us Florence is exceedingly patient with their little boy, and if he gets too loud she will simply leave the room. The gentle cat who learned her name is now teaching their son the joy of having a kitty.

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  1. Hey, my cat's name is Squeaky...his personality suits the name!

  2. Hey, my cat's name is Squeaky...his personality suits the name!

  3. This summer we had three cats named Squeaky up for adoption at the same time, they all made the same tiny meow. Does Squeaky make the same adorable "squeaks" as ours did?