Friday, November 19, 2010

Foster Care and Boogie Woogie

By Marie Matheson, HSSV Volunteer

I know from personal experience that Humane Society Silicon Valley is a great place to find a companion animal. There are many reasons I feel this way, but in particular, it is the additional care and attention they provide to animals to ensure they are ready for adoption. In many cases, this additional care is provided through HSSV’s Foster Program.

Animals may be placed in foster care to give them time to heal from an injury, gain some weight or simply because they would benefit from concentrated training and socialization before being adopted. Such was the case with Boogie Woogie, a 10-month-old American Bulldog.

Boogie Woogie was only 7-months-old when he came to HSSV in early August as a stray. By October, Boogie had become a very playful, large puppy that now had been at HSSV’s Animal Community Center for nearly three months. Under careful consideration, Jeri Seiden, Manager of Special Needs, determined Boogie Woogie was a perfect candidate for the Foster Program. Under the care of Foster Alicia Nachman, Boogie Woogie is thriving.

“Increasing the foster care program [by deciding to be a foster parent] is a major way to save a life. By fostering, we are opening up a spot in the shelter for additional animals while providing loving care to the fosters at the same time,” says Seiden.

Animals in foster care who are ready for adoption are posted on the adoption page of the website along with the animals at the Animal Community Center. For more information on Boogie Woogie, click here. He will also be at HSSV this Saturday, November 20, from 12PM -2PM.

If you are interested in meeting any other animal currently in foster care, you can call 408-262-2133 ext. 183. For more information about HSSV’s Foster Program, click here. You could help save a life!

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