Thursday, October 23, 2014

7 Cats That Just Want it to be Friday Already

Yes, kitties.  We know it's been a tough week.  Maybe it's the stress of a hectic work week or maybe it's just the gloomy weather, but it seems that we could all use a day of relaxation.  We know you cats here at HSSV have been very busy chasing that mousie toy, keeping yourself well-groomed and presentable, and as always, being incredibly gracious and welcoming to the hosts of visitors that walk through your door.  But don't fret, you fabulous felines -- we've got some good news for all of us: Tomorrow is Friday!

What's a Friday?  I'm going back to sleep.

Wake up, Lucci!  It's the end of the week!  Time to party!  

No?  Still sleepy?  Alright, well, we'll wake you when it's Monday again.

Hey look!  Adorable kittens!  Surely these fuzzy little troublemakers are excited for the weekend...



Hm.  Maybe not.


Oh, here's a kitty that's always ready to party -- Foxy Cleopatra!

It's exhausting being this cute.

 Even the most outgoing, talkative and energetic cat here has the end-of-the-week blues.
Cheer up, Foxy!  It's almost Friday!

Hey, more kittens!



Don't look at me.

And then there's Cleo.

Well, no surprise there.  Cleo is a big lazy butt.  She may be the heaviest cat here, but she can still squeeze onto her hammock (or your lap) with ease.

Well, it seems as if the cats here all too sleepy to celebrate the end of a long, gloomy week... but wait!  Are the eyes of those little kittens starting to open?

Huh?  Did someone say party...?

Oh, and look!  Furball's waking up!  Hey, Furball, guess what?  It's almost Friday!

Yaaawn!  Really?!  Hooraaaay!
Can you feel the excitement building?  We certainly can!  And when you come in to celebrate the end of your long week with some kitty cuddles, all of these available cats and their friends will be here ready to meet you! 

 We are open for adoptions every single day!  Just walk through our doors and we'll introduce you to your new best friend.  We're open Monday-Friday 12pm-7pm, and Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm.

Happy weekend!

I'm trying to get my beauty sleep here, camera lady!

Sorry, Miu Miu.

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