Sunday, October 19, 2014

Five HSSV Dogs That Now Really, Really Hate Our Blogger.

Attention pooches of HSSV: As you know, it's almost Halloween and all of you guys are looking for forever homes. It's very important for us to show off how wonderful, friendly and personable you guys are. We want to show folks that all of you would be amazing family dogs. We had this great idea....

Halloween costumes!
Please no. I'm going to poop in  your shoe anyway, but I will poop twice for this.
Nestle, why are you giving us that look? Stop giving us that look. This is going to be fun. Sure, it's annoying to get dressed up but sometimes that's just part of life. It happens to humans all the time. And it's not like we're asking you to wear bridesmaids dresses. Really, this is going to be fun.

Sure guys, I'm down. What's a bridesmaid?
 Koky, there's baseball stuff going on. Lots of baseball stuff. People here love baseball. So we have this great idea - you're going to be a baseball player. How adorable is that? 

You lied. This is not fun. You said fun. Not fun.
Canelo, I know you can be a better sport than Koky. You're such a fun little guy. You know what you are? You're a prince. You're a prince but people don't realize that because you're a tan chihuahua mix so they ignore you. Which is a shame because you're like the coolest dog ever. So you're going to be the frog prince. Brilliant right? 

Ermaghawd! Something new, let's do it! Now! Yesterday!
See? You just look darling. Absolutely darling. Don't give us that look. Now everyone knows you're a prince and they'll come in and adopt you. 

No, I changed my mind. Let's not do it. Let's undo it. Now.
Look, Jitterbug. We need you here. You're famous for that whole body-wag, the constant smile, the fantastic attitude. You need to show the other pooches how it's done. And because you're such a happy, busy gal, we're making you....

What do I get to be? Huh? Are there cookies? Can we throw the ball? 
A bee! Get it? A busy bee! Ha!

I'm trying to smile but why is this happening to me? Wings? Really?
Okay Zachary, did you see how cute Jitterbug looked when she smiled? See how she was such a good sport? Let's keep that going. No, stop making that face. You know how you're missing half your tail? And you just have that little nub you waggle? You know what you need? 

I'd like to lead with 'no'. But I feel I should go through with this.
A great big dragon tail! Get it? A dragon tail! How cute are you?

Polka dots? This needs to not be happening. 
Oh stop, just stop. Bodi, can you come here for a second? You're such a playful, silly little guy. We need your help with this. You know how you want someone to bring you home? Well, you do know what everyone brings home for Halloween? 

What does everyone bring home? Because they should bring me home!
PUMPKINS! Get it? So we made you a pumpkin! Isn't that fantastic? You're a pumpkin! Look happy!

This is not a happy pumpkin. 
Wow. Tough crowd. Lucy, we have this idea....

Me and my dignity are sleeping. Very hard. Go away. Now.
Okay. Fine. Never mind. But it's worth noting that someone was a great sport who LOVED their costume....

Stupid dogs. I look GOOD.
All of the pooches who were used in this were actually great sports about everything and got a lot of cookies, huggin' and lovin' for participating. The costume photos were actually taken by our fantastic adoption counselors who deserve lots and lots of cookies, just not the same kind. You know what makes our counselors really happy? Sending these guys home with you. So if any of the pooches here catch your eye, give the counselors a jingle at 408.262.2133 ext. 150 and they can give you all the details.

Killian, our stunningly handsome feline model, is also available for adoption at our Petco Sunnyvale Neighborhood Adoption Center. Site supervisor Allison took his pic. She deserves cookies, too. People cookies. 

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