Thursday, October 30, 2014

HSSV Cats Get into the Halloween Spirit

Happy Cat-o-ween!

Halloween may already be upon us, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to make your feline friend a part of the fun too!  Here are some awesome last-minute costume ideas modeled by our very own available cats and kittens.  Enjoy!

The Pumpkin:
A classic look.  Cap'N Crunch proves that white is the new black when it comes to Halloween cats.
"I look so good it's scary."

The Princess:
Ideal for the fuzzy princess in your life.  Maybelle wears her diva-ness well.
"Go ahead, take my photo.  I know I'm gorgeous."

The Egyptian:
A more sultry option.  Goldie is rocking this Cleopatra get-up.
"You peasants disgust me."

The Raven:
The perfect ensemble for the spookiest of holidays.  Goldie is such a good sport, she has become our very own cat-in-bird's-clothing.
"Okay, the peasant thing was a little out-of-bounds, I'm sorry.  Now please take this thing off my head."

The Fancy-Pants:
Slap on a bow-tie or a tulle skirt, and your cat will clean up good.  As far as formal wear goes, Foxy Cleo, Henry, and Killian are three of our best-dressed.

"We're too sexy for our shirts."

The Sassy Sailor:
By far, Giselle wins Halloween.  She's certainly the sassiest mustachioed sailor we've ever met.
"Are we done yet?  This is humiliating."


Not to be left out, HSSV buns Anaheim and Chewy rock some festive Halloween-wear.  Whether they like it or not.

"I guess if it means we get cilantro, we'll humor you humans."



Happy Halloween
from our fuzz-buckets to yours!

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  1. I love cats and kittens I have four lol, and it’s probably just because she is in a new environment the best way to introduce a kitten to a new place is to put it in a little room (with food, water and a litter box)
    and just let her get the hang of things and later let her investigate your house. And yes when cats get older they normally calm down.
    ps. if she’s not neutered or spayed, witch ever one i forget witch ones for females, cats tend to be wild and once she’s old enough you should neuter her that calms them down.
    Hope I helped