Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Ninja Cats of HSSV: Uncouth, Uncoordinated, and Unbelievably Cute.

Unlike the internet's original Ninja Cat, our kitties here at HSSV are way less frightening and way more adorable in their ninja-esque abilities.  Being sneaky ninjas, it is not always easy to capture them on camera.  Once in awhile our staff and volunteers have their cameras out at the right time and we are able to snap a photo of them mid-pose.  And while we cannot promise that any of our cats are actually ninjas, we can report that their skills are pretty darn impressive.

Case in point:
the slow-motion ninja cat

Wow.  Now those are some skills.  Ah, the grace.

But wait!  Look who's showing off now:

Kudos, Sara!  Now that is what I call a ninja kick.  But this guy here?

Yeah.  Not so much a ninja kick.  More like a ninja lay.  It's ok, Cap'N Crunch, you just keep practicing.

This little guy has the ninja side-stare down.  Perfection.  Much like Blake's swift punch.

Textbook ninja skills right there.  Ah, but what is this?!

Ninja-kitten headlock!

You see, being stealth is all about coordination.

And balance.

And a little trickery.

And, as always, being ridiculously good-looking.

Felicity may not be a full-on ninja, but she certainly has her wax-on, wax-off skills down to a science.

As for Patches (the ninja kitty you see below that has since been adopted) -- he has left a sort of legacy with all of us here at HSSV, redefining the stigma of ninjas being small, skinny, and agile.  Because he was none of those things.  But look at those moves!!

Speaking of agile, have you met Miu Miu?  Because you probably should.  She's a ninja whose talents still need some refining -- what can you expect?  She's a wily little kitten.

With bat-like ninja skills.

But by far, our number one ninja cat is Foxy Cleopatra.  Just look at her in action!

Impressed?  Come see her in person.  You will not be disappointed.

If you're in the market for your own little stealth-master, come in and check out our available ninjas.  We have kitties at all four of our locations, available for adoption every single day.

We are also always in need of ninja wranglers (aka volunteers).  If you're interested in helping our cats fine-tune their talents, click here to find out how to join our volunteer team.

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