Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Turkey Headband Time!

Guys, we know it's not your favorite thing in the world but we have this fantastic idea for Thanksgiving......

Great ideas? I love great ideas! Spill it!
You know how people love pets in costumes? And they love holiday themed things? We were thinking....

You need to know whenever you hear 'idea' think 'loss of dignity', newbie.
Bruno, just stop. It was for two minutes. And you got about 300 snacks for it. Anyway, Thanksgiving is a holiday of gratitude and we're really, really grateful that we have the best adoptable dogs in the world, hands down. We're also grateful that we have the best adopters in the world, paws down.  So we thought...

Please stop thinking. Just stop. You think, I get drumsticks on the head. No more. 
That we would use this opportunity to do three things. First, to draw attention to our really special dogs using eye catching holiday outfits. Like our beloved Ophelia.

I just....need to know why. Why? 
All right, we get the point but for the attention-drawing bit we really need you to just do this. Did we mention there are snacks?  Get in the spirit. Did we also mention that getting adopted around Thanksgiving greatly ups your chance of being snuck a bite of sweet potatoes by your new forever family?

Well, if you mention a few bites of hooman food...
THANK YOU, Ophelia. First point: we have amazing dogs. Come meet them. Turkey drumsticks not included. 

Our second point is to thank all of the aforementioned adopters who have given our alumni such great homes. There are legions of them. We are so very lucky. We also want to thank our alumni - every last happy, funny, silly, goofy, too-smart-for-their-own-good, shy, outgoing, challenging and easy pooch -  for letting us be part of their journey. You have taught us (and continue to teach us) so much. Thank you. 

You're welcome. May I have my snack now?
But the absolute most exciting reason for this blog is to announce that it's that time of year again. It's time for (drumroll please............)

I can't stand the suspense...or the turkey on my head...
Home For The Holidays! Yes, it's true. Starting this Friday, November 28th through December 31st the adoption fee for all animals over six months will be just $12.

Ok, for news that good me and the drumsticks will smile. 
All of our animals would be so grateful for a home of their own for their holidays that we're lowering adoption fees to try and make that happen. So not only can you share the coming holidays with a brand new pooch....

I am such a good dog that I will wear this with grace if you will consider giving me a chance.
You'll also have a new bud to watch all the games with!

I did Halloween. I'm doing footballs on my head. Please adopt me before santa hats. PLEASE
More good news? As we were creating this blog little Ernie found his forever family. Godspeed  Ernie! Thanks for being such a good sport.

Later suckas, I'm OUTTIE! 
And look for all sorts of adorable and fun holiday themed blogs as we get into Home for the Holidays! Yay!

What is that antler headpiece for? 

You think that's bad? There's dreidel head-boppers, too. ADOPT US. Have mercy...

Some side notes on our tolerant, adoptable models who were richly rewarded for their participation.

Eeyore is a really, really special dog looking for a special family. He's deaf, which he doesn't consider a big problem. He hopes you won't either.
Bruno is a great little guy who keeps getting overlooked. Despite our photo choice, he's a great sport with just about everything. If you haven't met him, you need to.
TigerLily, our basset mix, is a character and a half with adorable ears and a great disposition.
Beautiful shorty-snorty pibble Ophelia has an adoption in process right now. Please cross your fingers for her.
Ernie went home. Yay Ernie! See part about 'great adopters, lucky us!'.
Ashley, the world's calmest Dalmatian was a total champ about turkey-head.
Mirchi, whose name means pepper, is the most loyal little guy. His holiday wish is for a nice family with warm, welcoming laps, to come meet him.
Figaro has been waiting seemingly forever for his own peeps and we have no idea why. Everyone loves him.
Little scruffnuggets Arthur and Beanie, who wind up this blog, are an easy-peasy bonded pair who are looking for a home together.

We also need to mention our extreme gratitude to volunteer photog Jackie-Mac, who not only takes these great pictures but also makes sure everyone has fun while they're doing it. It takes a special person to make a turkey headband (our idea, not hers) a good time and we're so lucky to have her. Her love and dedication to the dogs shine through in every photo. Thank you.

If anyone is crafty enough to make us some vegetarian themed holiday meal type outfits, we'd be very grateful. Little pie hats or tofurkey headboppers. We'd really like to have some veg-stuff goin' on but not being very crafty were constrained by the choices available in stores. So if you're feeling crafty after you finish your tofurkey, please consider making something with the box that will help get our pets some attention.

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  1. Best animal adoption blog I've seen. So, I'll forgive you for the dismembered animal parts you've put on the dogs. Known as drumsticks to you, they were legs to the turkey that possessed them. Yeah, yeah, I know ... they're not REAL dismembered legs. Because that would be gross. But somehow fake dismembered legs are still kinda creepy, especially from an organization that uses the word "humane" in its name. The only thing I like more than adorbs dogs and amaze-balls writing is moral consistency ... Just sayin ... Oh, and vegan food. That's pretty cool, too.