Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Inside Scoop: Henry & Ethel's Big Day!

It's not too often that our senior cats get recognized for their incredible talents (especially with all those adorable kittens stealing the spotlight!), but a few weeks ago, it was time for two of our most senior feline guests to shine at a Cat Fanciers' Association local cat show.



Both twelve years old, both super-sweet and easy-going, both adoptable.  That makes them winners in our book!


Here's Henry hanging out in between judging, cage all decked out in HSSV gear handmade by our amazing volunteers.

Ethel putting on the charm.

As first-timers competing against 15 other cats, these two really did shine!  They won over the judges with their sweet personalities -- especially Ethel, with her non-stop chatting and head-butts.

Handsome Henry

The judges checked their bone structure, muscle tone, fur, ears, teeth and nails.

Ethel with more charm.

Both cats loved all the attention!

Henry loves the rump scratches.

Volunteer Nancy Dunn writes, "This was a new environment for our two wonderful seniors, and they more than rose to the occasion!"

Hooray for Henry!

Go, Ethel!

Both Henry and Ethel were big winners at the show!  They earned many, many ribbons and proved that seniors can still run with the young ones.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who put so much of their efforts into showing off our seniors and getting them a little more attention!  It definitely paid off -- Henry was adopted over the weekend!

Now it's just Ethel's turn to find a loving home.

"I'm wishing...for the one I love!"

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