Sunday, November 16, 2014

Neighborhood Adoption Centers, Sharing Space and Proper Use of Hamster Photography

Okay guys, I have this great idea for the dog blog this week...

Great idea? Do tell. I'm all ears...
Since we're going to be talking about the Neighborhood Adoption Centers and both you AND your kitty counterparts are at the Neighborhood Adoption Centers, wouldn't it be awesome if we had some cats in the dog blog this week, too? To help spread the word?

CATS? That is not a great idea. So not a great idea.
Vivian, don't give me that look. I'm serious. We could just have a couple of cats chime in, too, so everyone will know they can meet both at our Neighborhood Adoption Centers.

This is OUR blog. Keep the cats out. They'll beat me up. 
Dori, I really think you're over-reacting. This is not the end of the world. It's just one or two cats to help get the word out. I'm sure the cats would be perfectly happy to share their blog with you.

The dogs smell. Do we have to be here? 
Okay, everyone just pipe down. Can we not just get along for a few minutes?

Anyway, the point we're trying to make here is how awesome our Neighborhood Adoption Center pets are. 

Who's awesome? I'm awesome. As is my little purple pig. 
Why are they so awesome? 

First of all, we tend to send our most easy-going, outgoing pets to the Neighborhood Adoption Centers. They get a lot of traffic - a lot of folks who just want to say hello to a pet or happen to be walking by. We need to send animals that like lots of attention and are okay with crowds and kids. So if you're looking for a really laid-back and accepting pooch or kitty, an N.A.C is a good bet. 

I'm awesome too. And my awesome self will be up here until the smelly dogs leave.

Like American Express, Neighborhood Adoption Centers are everywhere you want to be. We have one at Petco Sunnyvale that has dogs, cats, bunnies and pocket pets. Right now our collection of cool cats there include Teri and Toni who have an incredible story

We are awesome squared. And so classy we will not mention the aroma of dog. 
We also have a Neighborhood Adoption Center at Petco West San Jose on Saratoga Road. They are chock a block full of cats, kittens and pocket pets and will also have dogs as well in the next few weeks. Woo-hoo!

Woo-Hoo! Yes! And by the way, I'm AWESOME!
Finally we have our newest Neighborhood Adoption Center at....

Wait...was that a RODENT? 
Okay Bixby - stop. Just stop. Yes, that is a hammie. Yes, there is a hamster in your blog. Everyone can get along and share a blog for ten minutes so we can finish spreading the news. 

Anyway we have our newest Neighborhood Adoption Center at...

You mentioned cats but no one said ANYTHING about hamsters in our blog. 
Everyone! Stop! It was ONE hamster picture. This blog has room enough for everyone and everyone here, including our hammie and other pocket pet friends, need forever homes.

We have our newest Neighborhood Adoption Center at....

I agree with the dogs. The hamster picture is an outrage. 
Ok! So now that you have managed to find some solidarity on something, we will carry on.

Our newest Neighborhood Adoption Center is at Petsmart Mountain View. It always has cats and kittens and hosts a dog adoption fair on Saturdays from 12-4 where some of our most awesome, laid back adoptable dogs visit for a few hours to meet potential suitors and hand out pooch-smooches. 

There you can meet fantastic dogs like Charlie, owner of the world's cutest permanent earmuffs.

Laugh now, we'll see who's ears feel good when it drops below forty.
And the ever-popular Ophelia, our favorite snortie-shorty with the smile so wide you could park a Volkswagen in it. 

I think hamsters are cute....
So now that this blog is over and we've all managed to share space for a few minutes, let's do a quick review of what we learned:

1) Neighborhood Adoption Centers are full of perfect adoptable animals.
2) You should go visit our Neighborhood Adoption Centers.
3) Dogs and cats will happily unite to drive poor, adorable hamsters out of their blogs.

Any questions? 

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