Sunday, November 9, 2014

Really Awesome Things: Move Over Julie Andrews, Our Favorite Things Have Paws.

The holidays are coming and with the holidays comes the advent of holiday music. Very shortly we will all be subjected to a million different renditions of 'Favorite Things'. Whiskers on kittens, copper kettles, raindrops, roses and all. 

While we're not Julie Andrews, we do have a lot of favorite things here. Most all of our favorite things fall into one big box titled, simply 'DOGS' and all of the silly, wonderful, things they do. Because we have the absolute bestest dogs here, obviously HSSV dogs are the most favorite things. Being a little irreverent, we refer to our favorite things as 'Really Awesome Things'. And for this blog our Really Awesome Dogs help demonstrate some of the most awesome Really Awesome Things.

Of course I'm going to catch this. I am the Michael Jordan of pibbles. 
Really Awesome Thing #1) Flying Toys and Eternal Optimism. 

Sure, this is about to go really badly for poor, lovely Ophelia but we can't help but adore her absolute certainty that she is about to catch this ball. Physics isn't on her side on this one - trajectory and whatnot - but if there's one thing dog teach us it's to believe. Launch yourself off the ground, make your serious face, try your best and even if this one goes right under you, that next one will work out better. 

Two dogs. One brain. Twice the scruffy-wonderfulness.
Really Awesome Thing #2) Evil Twins, Eternal Playmates and Double Scruff.

Life is just better when your house is a canine ecosystem. Sure, you'll never know who exactly chewed up that sock. You might be even be a little outnumbered if you live with multiples but who cares when everyone is having this much fun? Having one dog is great, having more than one is like getting to live amidst a society of little hairy aliens. Aliens like Rocky and Tanner, who would love to move to your place. We have several awesome pooch pairs that are looking to colonize your home together. 

A pile? Of stuffed toys? All for me? NOO! You didn't!
Really Awesome Thing #3) Someone Who Is Always Just Overjoyed With Your Gifts.

And the word 'gifts' can cover a lot of ground to a dog. Remember when you got your mother in law that expensive wallet and she looked at it with disdain? Re-imagine that whole scenario but instead of a mother in law and brand name accessories, imagine a fantastic dog and a bite of pizza crust. No disdain here! Forget the Hope Diamond, a dog is happy with a toy hedgehog and that piece of egg that fell off the fork. Dogs teach us to re-think gratitude. 

We're all grateful Jitterbug doesn't do selfies. 

Yes, I seem to have forgotten my back half and my ears are defying gravity but FUN!
Really Awesome Thing #4) Rubber-Face and Unabashed Displays of Joy

While we joke about pet selfies, dogs really don't take selfies. Dogs are too busy have fun to worry about trying to appear cool, excited and beautiful while trying to hold a camera phone.* Dogs don't care if they look like idiots when they're having fun. They don't care if they have extra face skin that's headed in all sorts of different directions. Or if they're smiling so big that their eyes appear to be located behind their ears. They're just happy. All hail dogs. Can we take a lesson? Can we worry more about having fun than appearing to have fun? 

Let's go! Let's do! NOW! Right now!
Really Awesome Thing #5) Today Is Going To Be Awesome!

There is no way - absolutely no way - you are staying in bed today. You're going to get up and take the dog out but the world is going to look totally different than it did before you had a dog. That empty lot at the end of the street that you never noticed before? That's Fun Zone Central now. All those houses you used to drive by? You walk by them with the dog every day now. You know your neighbors. You know your neighbor's dogs. Sure, it's only Monday and maybe you're stressed over something - taxes or gas prices or something unbearably human. But you'll get home and an awesome dog like Kendall will come barrelling up because you coming home is the absolute best thing that's happened to him all day. And at least for a little while, the world will look a little different. And that, my friends, that is a truly awesome thing.

Going into this holiday season it's pretty clear: friends don't let friends remain dog-less. We're your friends. Let us help you find a dog. Like any of our rubber-faced, doppelgänger, life-loving grateful cover models.

Know some friends thinking about getting a dog? We sell gift cards!

Know folks that love dogs but can't have one and stymied on a holiday gift for them? Tribute cards!

I swear I heard someone say 'pizza crust'....

*Plus they don't have thumbs but that's beside the point.

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