Thursday, November 27, 2014

5 Things Our Cats Are Thankful For This Holiday Season

It's that time of year again!  Time to gather together with family and friends to share a good meal and be thankful for all that we have.  While our cats here at HSSV are still in search of the perfect families to spend the holidays with, they are still thankful for so very many different reasons. Here are five things that the HSSV cats are thankful for this holiday season.

Thing #1: Laps. And hats.
Cleo, one of our longer-term residents, was a good sport about donning this pilgrim hat as long as she got a lap to curl up in while she wore it. Plus, she won't admit it, but she thinks she looks fabulous in miniature headwear.

Flattering, no?

Thing #2: A warm, cozy bed.
Our adoption suites here at HSSV are no match for an actual home with an actual family, but they are pretty darn close. Not only do these kitties get constant companionship and playtime from our dedicated cat volunteers, but they get super cool stuff like cat trees, hand-made toys, hidey-holes and of course, lots and lots of cozy fleece beds (as modeled by Cersei) to snuggle up in.

I don't care what you put on me as long as you are here.  Now don't leave until I fall asleep or I'll meow until you come back.  You have been warned.

Thing #3: Windows.
Not only do they provide that constantly sought-after beam of warm sunlight to lie in, but have you seen what's on the other side of them?! Birds! Rustling plants! Swirling leaves! And BIRDS! Windows are awesome at providing some mental stimulation for your kitty, and if you're an active gal like Foxy Cleopatra here, a window can even provide a chance to get some extra playtime in with the lady trying to take pictures in the next room with all those ridiculous props.

It's moving!  ATTACK!

Thing #4: Playing Dress-Up!
(or not)
Okay, so Radcliff and Juniper may not look like they're thankful for these football antennas but they ARE thankful for the extra attention and treats they get while they are wearing them. So there's that.

Maybe if I stay very still, no one will notice how ridiculous I look.
Actually, I don't mind these at all.  Do you have them in pink?  It's important that I match my bedding, otherwise it's just embarrassing.

Thing #5: Company.
No need to explain this one. Whether you're a teensy-weensy little kitten or a senior kitty like Pepper, it's nice to have some human companionship. And these shelter cats sure get a lot of it, thanks to our socializers.  And that's definitely something to be thankful for.

Thank you, human.

So this holiday, think Shelters First! Our Home for the Holidays promotion begins Friday November 28th and ends New Years Eve. All adult animals are only $12 to adopt. So no more excuses! Adopt an adult kitty and we promise you'll be thankful you did.

Happy Thanksgiving from our furry family to yours!

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